Worth Several Cities

What keeps me going


kind smiles and kinder souls

Pure hearts

Brave and bold

Feisty spirit

For doing what’s right

Strong thoughts

Rooted in actions

Isn’t this all

Worth fighting for?

May I say even

Worth living for?

This piece pays homage to all the front line fighters and unsung every day heroes who are doing unseen acts of kindness and thoughtfulness to lend a helping hand to others less fortunate or able. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? How people can be so nice and caring towards virtual strangers? Gives me hope. Nay, gives me a whole lot more than hope!
The title pays homage to the Chinese idiom meaning priceless. All fellow Elementary followers would know 😉
In these dire and gloomy times, what keeps you lot going? I’d love to know?

This Thing Called Life

It’s a little confusing and a whole lot scary

This thing that we call life

There’s no magic wand swished by a fairy

To end my internal strife

I am young and yet weary

Excited yet wary

Confounded, clueless and naive

Isn’t it altogether really eerie

And at times mindnumbingly dreary

This thing that we call life?

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy

One for sorrow

Two for joy

Not just a nursery rhyme

To pass time by

Counting magpies or men

Believing in the potency of an omen

One who’s alone may not always be lonely

And two’s company

Need not forever spark joy

So be careful of what to believe

And be wary of who you bereave


One for sorrow

Two for joy

Is more than just a nursery rhyme

To pass time by

The Heart It Sings

I found myself at a loss for words once

Shocking, I know, but true

And while I was still reeling from it

Wondering quite what to do

I heard a slight humming

And a somewhat gentle strumming

And lo and behold!

My heart

Yes, my heart had started singing

And I realised I wasn’t lost at all

Rather, I’d just found myself in you

Unaware that you’d beckoned

Answering to a more primordial level of call

Why A Poet #14

Poetry comes in many forms

Some will make you lose all track of time

Some are filled with melody and rhyme

And yet others may be devoured by lovers over a shared glass of wine

But poetry, conveyed in any way

Either spoken or written in ink

Will always make you think

But most of all

And more important still

It is bound to make you feel

I Dare You

If pain was all there ever was

Would you still dare to love?

If darkness was all you’d ever known

Would you still dare to flip the switch?

If despair was all you’d ever felt

Would you still dare to hope?

If failure was the only road ahead

Would you still dare to take a step?

If nightmares were all you’d ever seen

Would you still dare to dream?

If I were the only reward

Would you still dare to care?




If you’re ever in the market

For a forever kind of love

Remember to pay the piper

And beware his shove

If you’re ever in the market

For a loyal kind of friend

Remember to sharpen your back

Or over a knife you’d have to bend

If you’re ever in the market

For happiness and delight

Remember to close your windows

Before it’s the middle of the night

If you’re ever in the market

For some soul stirring poetry

Remember I like to have cupcakes with my unsweetened tea

Goodnight and Goodbye?

The wind is changing its course tonight

The trees, of course, are dancing in delight

Their branches, unfettered, sway against my window

Throwing mesmerising patterns on the wall behind

And I, as usual, sit speechless

Completely mesmerised

So forgive me if I do not pay heed

To your every whim, fancy and need

For the wind is changing it’s course tonight

And, I’ve found the courage to do what’s right