It Only Takes One

One less rejected phone call

One more answered text

One less roundabout to avoid face to face

One more recognition of a sad smile

One less second spent in self absorption

One more minute to look around and care

One less whining over inconsequential matters

One more listening ear

And maybe


We’d have one less person giving up on life

One more person beginning to live again

One less person consumed by depression

One more person spreading joy

One less soul lost to oblivion

One more soul saved and cherished

One less suicide

One more rebirth

It was suicide prevention day, two days ago, and I was too numb too write. Somewhere I felt, would it even make a difference? But somewhere else I wondered what if. So here’s my tiny attempt to remind each one of my readers, that it only takes one. Look around, reach out, spread love, we’re all in this together.

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As always,

Thank you for reading.




Twists and Turns?

After every turn I take

I feel like I’ve been walking straight

But it’s been a long, long wait

To be able to finally tempt fate

Will I be seeing you round

The next corner?

Or will this distance

Just prolong my torture?

Adam and Eve?

Buried in the depths

Of ancient memory

Lies a secret forbidden

Possibly long forgotten

More so for being

A gain ill-begotten

We hear murmurs of rumours still

Yet we brush them off

With a scoff

Unconvinced that they could ever apply to us

Yet history hath witnessed thus

Love does love pain beget

Which we shall always regret

So guard your heart

Chain it

Then padlock it

For there lies a secret

Buried deep in ancient memory

That even Adam had to give

A rib to be with Eve

The Trojan Horse

With the strength of hordes

And brute force

Her King

Could never rule her

For with a face

Which launched a thousand ships

Her heart, priceless,

Remained unconquered

Till it encountered

A mere prince

A second son

A namesake

Of the city of love

And Her ensuing act of betrayal

Led a city to it’s ruin

While an empire got united

To right a wrong, they say

Or wrong a right, I ask

For it wasn’t for naught

That a Grecian Queen

Came to be known

As Helen of Troy.

Hello! I’m trying to provide a different outlook to myths and fables surrounding famous women, fictional and real. Would love it if you could please read my previous pieces on Cleopatra and Lady Macbeth as well and let me know what you think by dropping in a comment. Thank you!

Behind Every Man

Lady Macbeth

Evil and vile, an almost insulting smear

Cursed for poisoning her husband’s ear

For ravage and war

Never heard of before

Then pray tell me why

She went mad

trying to clean herself of blood

Why all the perfumes of Arabia

Couldn’t sweeten her little hand

Why she went to her deathbed

Shouting “Out, damned spot!”

Why she fell and ended her pathetic ordeal

Over a feeling of guilt with which she couldn’t deal

Whereas Macbeth

Ambitious and proud

Kills his King

And the friend he held most dear

For a throne of thorns

And a short lived reign

Why he sought out the witches

Hungry for power

And died defending his ill gotten gains

And yet

“All hail Macbeth!”

Poor dear

Led astray

By a woman, I hear.

Have you read my take on Cleopatra yet? I’d love to hear what you think of both these pieces. Please be so kind as to drop me a comment down below? Thanks a bunch!

Happee Birthday, Harry

Twenty two years ago, a scrawny preteen with broken, taped together glasses, messy jet black hair and deep, green eyes along with a bunch of misfit, bullied friends entered my life. And changed it forever.

From dear Harry, I learnt its not our circumstances, upbringing or misfortunes that shape our character. It’s our choices. We can choose to be loyal, to give love, to be brave beyond one’s years and to always, always be kind. Thank you, Harry, for teaching me how to look at life.

From wise Hermione, I learnt that it’s okay to be a nerd and yet care about my appearance, at times. To look beyond books and cleverness, to appreciate friendship and bravery. To be the brightest among my peers and yet not forget to help the less privileged. Thank you, Hermione, for teaching a girl to not hide her intelligence behind a facade of dumbness, to embrace one’s true self and live the motto of nerd and proud.

From Ronald Bilius Weasley, I learnt playing the second fiddle doesn’t have to result in bitterness. Not getting recognition or top billing does not mean one shouldn’t do what’s right. Yes, it’s okay to be selfish at times and yearn for things you’ve always be denied. To not be considered special as a general rule(E.g., not being the only girl in your family or even coming third in this list). Because when push comes to shove, your bravery and sacrifice will outshine all your critics. Till my dying breath I’d declare, Weasley is our King! Thank you, Ron, for your devotion and selflessness, for teaching the importance of all the hard work which goes behind the scenes when the show must go on.

From Luna, I learnt that it’s okay to be different. To fiercely embrace your individuality even if it’s slightly off the beaten path. To know that the things we most desire will come to us, even if not in the way we expected them to. Thank you Luna, for teaching me to believe in my own convictions. To see things beyond what’s readily visible and to empathise.

From Neville, I learnt hard work, strength and resilience. Resilience to face my biggest and deepest fears everyday till I can overcome them. Strength to look adversity in the eye and not let it pull you back. Hard work to make up for any shortcomings I might have. Thank you Neville, for showing me to always do the right thing and have enough bravery to back it up with.

From Dobby, I learnt it’s not our stature but our deeds which live on long after we’re gone. Even a tiny thing can leave a lasting impact. It’s not important how much you can contribute to a cause, it’s important that you do. Thank you Dobby, for freeing my mind from it’s self imposed shackles. You shall forever remain a friend and a free elf.

From the mischievous Marauders, I learnt that heroes come from every walk of life. Theres a time for fun and games and there’s a time to take a stand. We live on in the lives we touch and the legacy we leave behind. Thank you, Moony, Prongs and Padfoot (I probably will never forgive Wormtail for his betrayal) for giving me a safe place and father figures to adore.

From Hagrid, I learnt you can make your own family wherever you are and give them unconditional love, be it mankind or animals. Thank you, Hagrid, for teaching me humanity.

From Dumbledore and McGonagall, I learnt about the positive influence good teachers/educators can have in one’s life. The nobility of this profession is not entirely lost. They are, rightly, our gurus and guardians. Thank you, Professors, for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Twenty two years ago, I opened a book and the rest, as they say, is history. Thank you, Joanne Kathleen Rowling, for helping mould my life. I know Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.

P.S. I solemnly swear I’m upto no good.

Oh Joy!

And every once in a while

You come across things which make you smile

Random acts of kindness

From virtual strangers

The blooming of a little bud

After an unusually long, dry spell

The coming together of unknown people

To pull a distressed puppy out of the well

An unexpected smile and nod of understanding, telling you all will be well

The first rays of sunshine

Bursting through gloomy skies

Or the pitter patter of

An out of season rainfall

And then there’s something which really makes my day

After I’ve poured out my heart

Like spilled ink on paper

Someone from across the world

Types that he can relate.

This one’s for all of you my loves! The ones who read and take a moment out of their ever hectic schedules to drop in a kind word. You’re what keeps me going. Thank you!

The Cabbie and the Barkeep

The true measure of a man

Might forever remain a mystery

But to measure the depth

Of human misery

One needn’t look any further than

A barkeep meeting with a cabbie.

Can you even begin to fathom

The stories they would swap

Of a myriad emotions

Passing across human countenances

Visible through a mirror

Of a plethora of burdens

Lightened over the course a drink

To a sympathetic listening ear.