She wants to look for will-o-wisps in the darkest corners of the night

She dreams of places forming the most wonderous sight

She talks, excitedly, of passions

advocating with all her might

She gives up at times, yes, but never without a fight

You’d remember her whenever you see a burning ember of light

And she’d call you silly, while laughing with pure hearted delight

The Mirror Cracked From Side to Side

The loudest noises don’t come from our surroundings

Sometimes they come from within

Jarring you awake


Even blinding

And painfully excruciating

The mirror of your self image

The one you thought you were

With immense pride

Asking it who the fairest of all was

And knowing it to be you

Yes, that mirror


From side to side

And the shattering glass

Pierces your heart

From where on

It’s a question of choice

To be reborn, rebuilt and live up

To your expectations of yourself

Or to wallow in self pity

Deriving consolation from your misery

Bleeding and festering

I hope when push comes to shove

When you’re shown an actual mirror

You show true fairness to your self

And choose to do the former

My Last Night?

I could hear bells ringing in the night time

Tolling in another day

I could here footsteps outside my door

Restlessly trying to find their way

I could hear raindrops fall on my window sill

Washing off the stench of dirt and decay

I could hear

Still hear

Even if I couldn’t move from where I lay

I wished the reaper

Would arrive without further delay

As I desperately clutched a coin

With which the ferryman I’d pay


This quarantine I lost a few things.

The struggle of locating car keys in the morning got replaced by a quiet cup of tea while dad read the morning news out loud.

The scramble to cook and pack breakfast and lunch into multiple tiffin boxes slowed down into serene hours spent in the kitchen learning and swapping recipes with mom, getting a glimpse of the secret ingredient she never forgot to use (it’s love, in case you were wondering).

The mad rush of traffic punctuated with continuous honking horns gave way to leisurely hours on the terrace watching the world pass me by.

The daily excuse of too much work or connectivity error preventing me to even revert to texts from friends melted into video chats and online games, reconnecting over shared fun and frolick.

Yes, this quarantine I lost quite a few things.

And found myself anew.