The Month of Love?

“Have you eaten?“

“Text me when you reach home?”

“What are you upto, cutie?”

“Haven’t seen you online in a long while, all okay?”

“Guess what happened today?“

“You’re meeting me this weekend. Period.”

Love resides between the spoken and unspoken

Love survives in all things big and small

Love pushes us and pulls us through

Love teaches us the meaning of life


A Great Start

I think I’ve started the new year on the right note. I travelled. Twice in the very first month, in fact. And I paused. I paused myself, my thoughts and life itself. In the middle of mountains and the whitest of clouds. Underneath blue skies and a canopy of lush trees. I didn’t hear people, but I still heard sounds. Of the birds chirping. And gushing waters abound. I lost myself to adventure. I found myself in joy. I gave myself to the wilderness and I brought myself pure happiness.

Yes, I think I started the new year on a beautiful note. How have you been doing?

Pot Pourri

I no longer press flowers between diary pages

Marking important events

To be forgotten for years at end only to fall apart as dust

No, I display dried flowers in vases all around my house

Quite proudly

Wilted and shriveled yet capable of beauty

They no longer need to be locked away

Into secret corners of my memories

And when these flowers start to disintegrate

I turn them into pot pourri instead

Spreading their fragrance anew

Depressive Episode

Dear Diary,

It’s been getting bleaker everyday – and I don’t speak just of the weather. There’s a sense of dread, of impending doom, overtaking my mind. I could care less for sunny days but would welcome some sunshine to filter in today. The grey skies aren’t unfriendly, but the harsh winds don’t seem to welcome me.

I got a new plant today though – after forcing myself out of bed. I remembered to water it. I placed it in the balcony to sunbathe after transferring it to a ceramic pot.

I think things will look up now – as each new leaf unfurls.