Hey, Soul Sister!

She’s the keeper

Of my darkest secrets,

The repository

Of my deepest desires.

She’s calmed my storms,

More times than I could ever count.

She’s nursed my heartbreaks,

With a listening ear and a comforting shoulder.

She’s let me sob when I needed a good cry.

She’s made me end my pity party when she knew I’d had enough.

She’s held my through long nights

Plagued with hellish nightmares

Without ever raising a questioning glance.

She’s killed time with me

While counting stars from our balcony

When nights were too beautiful to sleep away.

She’s lived life with me

While neither had a clue of what it entailed

But powered on because we could bumble through it together.

She converses with me with just one look,

While the whole world looks in from the outside.

Ignorant of a silent exchange forging a bond so deep,

Even the darkest corner of Erebus couldn’t dim it’s celestial glow.

Soul sisters, they say, come in every form.

I found one on the first day of college

Living in my very own room.
This post is dedicated to my best friend and college roommate. We’re way past the seven year itch now! She’s known the best of me and the worst of me, and loved me regardless. As she starts on another journey in life, I can only wish her all the luck in the world as I send all my love with her. You might be going halfway across the world, darling, but I’ll still be just one text away. You’re on your way to achieving your dreams and I couldn’t be more proud! 

Thank you for enriching my life with all that you are, Megha. I love you!