A Question of Choice?


I don’t understand

That man hurt me

Mum, why is my belly growing?

Mummy, there’s something inside of me!

But moooom, I can’t be a mother

I’m your baby

I’m still a child

What do you mean, Mumma, that they don’t care?

Why do you say it’s not my life?

How was it never my choice?

He chose to do this Mama

But I didn’t ask for this?

Oh, I did?

Alright, I guess I won’t go out of the house wearing a skirt again.



Hi baby, shush, this world isn’t meant for you but I’ll do my best to keep you safe. My mother couldn’t, and it broke her. Her own shadow haunts her. But you, my love, shall be safe. I’ll dress you like a boy.

The Best Told Tales

The best stories are the ones told without an audience. No strained ears hanging to every uttered word. No tear filled eyes ready to brim over. No sighs, no smiles, no oohs and no aahs. Just a resounding silence. Those are the tales which are truer than true. For you don’t perform them for accolades, appreciation or thunderous applause. You string words together, purely reflecting your inner mind, for no one’s reaction guides the unraveling of these yarns. You don’t pause to consider what others would think. You don’t choose your words for the reactions they incite.

And that’s when a story comes to life. Like a living, breathing entity, taking a form of its own. And you can sit back and mull over the elusive magic of wondrous creation.

Ek Kahaani ki Khoj Mein

Kuch kahaaniyan aisi bhi hain

Jinka har shabd ek dastaan hota hai

Ek ek panne ke aks se

Zindagi ka har pehlu bayaan hota hai

Aisi hi ek kahaani ki khoj mein hum

Nikle the duniya ki gehraiyo mein

Kya pata tha is nadaan dil ko magar

Kuch kahaaniya sirf pariyo ka khel hoti hai

Uljhan bhari raato ko neend tak pohochane ka mel hoti hai

Aur fir bas

Band aankho ke tale

Jaag uthti hain

Bas band aankho ke tale

Jee ke marr jaati hai

Khuli aankho ki sacchayi

Shabdo mein akhir kahan simat paati hain

Kuch kahaaniya

Bas kahaaniya hi banke reh jaati hai

There’s No Such Thing as Ghosts

“You know there’s no such thing as ghosts, right?” He said, when she told him she’s scared of watching horror movies because the scenes come back to her at night.

She nodded in mute assent. Acknowledging what was only logical.

Her mind, however, delved into a separate plane.

She wondered – what of the ghosts of memories that come back to haunt our every waking moment?

Or the phantom shards of broken promises that pierce through our very heart?

The spirit of a future, dead before it could even come alive, like an unborn child, but always a part of our existence?

She thought of the demons of jealousy, ego and pride residing within us, gnawing away at our very cores.

The fear of failure, draining away our life’s source.

But most of all

She thought

Of men and women who enter our lives and then leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

No, he’s right, she thought. There’s no such thing as otherworldly, undead ghosts. For they paled and faded away in the face of the monsters that live in this very world.

Hello my lovelies,

I tried something different with this piece. Still in two minds about it. Not sure if it conveys what it wanted to say. Would love to know if it resonates with you and what you feel about it. So please humour me, maybe, and drop a comment down below?

And as always, thank your for reading!



Learn the art of converting your prized work into a book from one of the very best bloggers (and also my personal favourite) that we have here!

Thank you, Christine, for taking the time to write this.


When I first contemplated choosing pieces and organizing them for Composition of a Woman, I naively thought it would be fairly quick and straightforward process. I had recently served as the editor for an art show chapbook that included pieces from 12 very diverse girls and women and as the primary editor for Anthology Volume […]

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Confessions of a Liar #1

Each night as I lie down in bed, my bed gets swamped with myriad thoughts. The most overriding one being – what could I have done differently? Would it have matter? Would the consequences have changed? And in doing so, I end up imprisoning myself in a makeshift cell every night. Worse still is the fact that its akin to solitary confinement. I lie in complete isolation. Very poetic since the fact that “I lie” is why I’m in this position in the first place.

Every morning as I cling on to a few more minutes of sleep after having endured a sleepless, restless night, my mind clears itself of its fugue state. I have complete clarity. I know very well that –

The cause of all my grief

The answer to all my problems

The reason for my happiness

The end to all my efforts

The clincher to all my doubts






Meet and Greet #1

Hello, my beauties! I realise it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down to talk with you, one on one, that is. Except, of course, to ask really pressing questions about proper skin care. I love how you rallied behind water, the true elixir of life, and solved my problem in a jiffy! I am eternally grateful.

Another thing I am really thankful for is the recent upsurge in the number of followers on this blog. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to have people from across the world take out valuable time to read my writings and be kind enough to drop a thoughtful comment. It is a beautiful lesson in humility for me. I will never be able to thank you enough.

However, this recent trend also made me think how little I know of you and vice versa. My ‘about’ page is way out of date. Sadly, I am also unable to read as many blogs as I would like to.

So, I’ve tried to come up with a solution to this conundrum. Let’s treat this post as a little meet and greet, shall we? Would you be game for it and leave a comment telling me a little something about yourself? Nothing highly revealing or personal (in the nature of details). Just a tiny insight into what passions drive you, what you find to be most interesting, what you like to read/write about, etc. Also, you, in turn, can ask me something if you want. Just remember to keep it clean and casual. I hope the ones who participate will also be kind enough to visit the blogs from other comments on this post. If there happen to be any, that is (trust me to always be overly optimistic, duh!).

That’s all for now. I hope to hear from you soon!

As always, thank you for reading.



Reasons Why

I saw a movie last weekend. One of those romantic comedies you curl up in bed with on a lazy Sunday morning with a coffee mug and comfort food in tow. It had been a long week, after all. Amidst all the laughing, crying and rooting for my favourite characters, and not to forget some really fine piece of happy dancing, I came across something really beautiful. One of those things that dawn upon you like a revelation while you feel the world has paused for a bit. A pause in which you can almost hear yourself breathe and your heart pound against your chest. They were quite simple words, really, nothing significant about them in a literary manner. Yet, they gave a deeper meaning to something I think I’ve known all along. It goes something like – “You like because…..but, you love despite.” 

How true. You like someone because of various reasons. Their eyes, smile, nature, the way they talk to you, the list can go on and on. Yet, you love them despite all their shortcomings, human frailties,  their own peculiar antics that may annoy you to hell. Their habits that might have you running for the hills. Still, in spite of so many “oh heavens no!”, you can’t help but love the person. All of him. Despite everything.

I believe it’s a wonderful thing indeed. Don’t you?



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O Captain! My Captain! – #SunilChettri #Football #India

I don’t believe in miracles, no. Yet, something phenomenal happened that made me take a pause, sit back and smile. India is a country where cricket is a religion, badminton a seasonal fad, hockey a chance to rest on our laurels and every other sport, well, is like a third-grade citizen. So much so, that when our football captain scored a hat-trick, the first for us in eight years, thereby making our way to a thunderous 5-0 victory against China in the Intercontinental Cup, no one noticed. The huge stadium comprised of a meagre 2500 people. Most people just saw this feat in the newspapers the next day with only a passing glance.

And then….

The very same captain, Mr. Sunil Chettri, tweeted a video, a home-made one at that. Nah, not a video, a heartfelt appeal. He asked his countrymen to come watch them play. His words went somewhat like –

“…Today I am not making a video for you guys. I am gonna speak and appeal to all of you who did not come. To everyone who is not a football fan, please come and watch us for two reasons. No. 1 – it’s the best game in the world and No. 2 – we play for our country. We will make sure that once you come to watch us, you will not return the same person back home.”

“To all of you who are fans of big European clubs and support European clubs with so much passion, thinking that the level is not the same. Agreed, the level is not the same, it is not even close. But with our desire and determination, we will make sure to make your time worth. To all of you who have lost hope, I request you to come and watch us in the stadiums.”

“To all of you fans that could not come or did not come due to delay, work and school, please come and watch us in the stadiums. You guys have no idea how important you are and your support is. So today I am requesting all of you to come support us on 4th, 7th and hopefully 10th June when we are playing in Mumbai. Encourage us, watch us, abuse us, criticise us, talk about the game, go back home and have discussions, make banners but please get involved.”  (To watch the video click here.)

What struck a chord, along with his words, was the honesty in his voice, the integrity in his face and the humility in his eyes. And the masses responded.

Indians turned up in huge numbers to cheer the team in the next match against Kenya. Amidst a jam-packed stadium, Chettri played his hundredth game and did not disappoint. He scored two goals to a screaming, cheering audience. Post the match, a grateful Chettri said that for support like this, the team will give their lives on the field playing for their country.

The Captain called and the country answered.

It wasn’t a big deal, really. Its just a game, isn’t it? But anyone who watched Chettri’s video couldn’t scroll ahead unaffected. It was shared by one and all. People not only bought tickets for themselves but also sponsored tickets for orphanages and underprivileged children.

I think this is what they mean when they talk about the power of the common man. One man made a world of a difference. And one response from the people made a world of a difference to him and his team.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be going to bed with a lighter heart tonight.

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