Grey Eyed Beauty

There were oceans

In the grey pools of her eyes.

Whether reservoirs

Drained through tears

In the darkest of nights,

Or whirlpools

Designed to suck me in

At the slightest of glimpse,

I’ll never know completely for sure.

But there are oceans,

In the grey pools of her eyes.

Where I’m swimming in circles

Desperately trying to stay afloat

And where I’m overtaken

By the overwhelming feeling

Of letting go

And I wonder what it would be like

To drown within her ravenous storms.


38 thoughts on “Grey Eyed Beauty

  1. “To drown within her ravenous storm”
    You are ‘oh so gifted’ with words expressing ‘oceans of feelings.’
    Thank you also for appreciating my Haiku on

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  2. I love the danger associated with her beauty. The feeling of being utterly powerless to it. Wanting, yet fearing. Love is a gamble, but there is no mention of the reward that love might bring: Just acknowledgement of the fear. Beautifully constructed…as always. Thank you for sharing it. These are the words I shall put my light out to tonight. I wonder if your words might influence my dreams. Good night.

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