Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?

A shot of sunshine in my coffee

Like a piece of rainbow in my soul

A storm in my teacup

Rages before I’m whole

Life seems toasted

Like a mini marshmallow

Submerged in my cocoa

Put them all together and you’ll see

Beverages make me loco.



Dekha tha ek khwaab humne bhi magar

Sacchaiya raaste ka kaata ban gayi

Par hum dheeth chalte rahe thokar khaate khaate

Aur manzil khud-ba-khud humsafar ban gayi


In the best of cases

You’d be alive

Without victories under your belt

And feathers in your cap

Rich, for your experiences

Richer, for your successes

Richer still, for all your failures

Better now

Than when you started

Hopelessness’ despair

You’d have thwarted

So do it

Give it your all

Take life by the horns


In the worst of cases

You’d be alive

With more than a breath left in you

Why A Poet #9

I was making a list

Of some of my favourite things

And my pen leaked

A blob of royal blue ink

I watched as it spread

Forming a myriad of shades

Sometimes changing hues

And I realised

My most favourite thing

Is to observe what I see

And pen it down in poetry

So I may remember the mind’s complex mysteries

For all of eternity.

Are you aware of this blog’s running series on why one writes poetry?


Fret not!

I’m popping the links down below and would love to hear what you think! Most of all, I await your own take on why poetry.




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A Star is Born

Sometimes in my mind

The heavens and earth collide

Like an explosive segue

Transitioning to a beautiful aftermath

And I see colours

And squiggles

Little dots and curls, a pot-pourried confetti


I even see

A rainbow-esque bridge

And when I walk on it

I know


A star is born

Dance with the Devil?

Have you ever tango-ed

With a one-legged, pink flamingo?

Did you once Cha-Cha-Cha

With a turban clad Maharaja?

Did you dream of a waltz?

With one of the old Russian Tzars?

How about dreamy quadrilles

With a demure queen whose hair curled like tendrils?

And salsa, samba, rumba, zumba

Over beer, vodka, tequila and sangria

Have you ever mixed

A drink and a dance?

and swept royalty off its very feet?


Oh, no!

But I have

and more

For I have words

and a pen

and a spare notebook

but most of all

I have thoughts

and a mind

Prone to flights of fancy


I have a story to tell today

A story of love

between a colour

and a texture


They stole a million hearts

Their union causing

Many an agonised craving

Their fulfilment leading

To lingering sighs of satisfaction.

I have a story to tell today

A story of love



Lip smacking


I call it

Red velvet

Paranormal Love

In the middle of the night

I lay here

Craving for some silvery moonlight

To illuminate the silhouette of your body

While you’re sleeping oblivious to my worry

Because last night the bed was empty

As you’d left in the evening over a fight

And yet

Something had held my hand really tight

As I lay here in the middle of the night