The Month of Love?

“Have you eaten?“

“Text me when you reach home?”

“What are you upto, cutie?”

“Haven’t seen you online in a long while, all okay?”

“Guess what happened today?“

“You’re meeting me this weekend. Period.”

Love resides between the spoken and unspoken

Love survives in all things big and small

Love pushes us and pulls us through

Love teaches us the meaning of life


A Great Start

I think I’ve started the new year on the right note. I travelled. Twice in the very first month, in fact. And I paused. I paused myself, my thoughts and life itself. In the middle of mountains and the whitest of clouds. Underneath blue skies and a canopy of lush trees. I didn’t hear people, but I still heard sounds. Of the birds chirping. And gushing waters abound. I lost myself to adventure. I found myself in joy. I gave myself to the wilderness and I brought myself pure happiness.

Yes, I think I started the new year on a beautiful note. How have you been doing?

Before I kick the bucket

On the last day of my life, I wish to rise early and smell the morning air. To go for a walk amongst beautifully coloured flowers under a perfect, powder blue sky. I’d probably have milkshake for breakfast or pancakes or oats. Cannot pin it down yet, but something sweet for sure. I’d call up my best friend and ask her to come over. I’d discuss a recently read book with her over a glass of red wine. Or two. Both, the book and the wine. I’d spend the afternoon with my family – laughing, squabbling and laughing again. I’d enjoy the evening with the love of my life. Slow dancing to fine music that we remembered by heart. I’d go to bed content but before that, I’d write a poem in my notebook. Sigh!

But. Yes, there’s always a but. But since I don’t know which day would be my last – one can never really know for sure. I’d like to live like this each day. Is that too much to ask for?

The truth of a lie

Have you ever been held hostage

By the power of a beautifully framed lie

Have you thought of going on believing

Till the very day that you die

Or will you fight to save your soul

When the river runs dry

Tell me, will you choose the truth

When the whole world goes awry