The path to my soul

Is hardly paved with gold

It’s thorny

And prickly

And it’s both hot and very cold

But traverse it, if you will

Thaw and melt along the way

Walk through the twists

And through its turns must you sway

Show me who you are, my dear

And then I’d be sold.


The Place of My Dreams

There’s a small city

On the other side of the world

With the tiniest shoreline

But the clearest skyline

And a heart of pure gold.

Hi people,

How’s this new year treating you?

How many resolutions are still a go?

For those with the travel bug, what’s one city which makes you feel more at home than home itself? I’d love to know!

Cheers and keep smiling.

As always, thank you for reading!



Featured image ©Varnika Jain

The Room with No Doors

In a room with no doors

There’s a window with no bars

Alas, it’s too small to creep through

Yet big enough to see it all

The taste of sweet freedom

Lingers yet on the tongue

The joy of easy escape

Eludes the prisoner

Like the great Houdini


In the room with no doors

There’s a window with no bars

And that’s why

I can feel

The walls close in on me.

The Girl Who Reads

They say she reads a little too much

And, hence

Is disconnected from reality

Living in a whole other world

But it’s because she reads a little too much

That she observes a little extra

Thinks a little more

Sees through all pretences

Can even finish your sentences

Every shift in your mood she senses

Breaks every matter down to its basest essences

So, you see

She dances with angels

And tangoes with mankind

She feasts with the devil

And serenades its hellish demons

She brings about some semblance

Of balance and harmony


Because, my dear, she reads.

Cards on the Table

Not strangers yet

But lesser than what we were before

We’re hanging in the middle

Doing the age old dance

You have one foot out of the door

While I’ve placed all my bets

Is it politeness




That lets you leave the cards on the table

Facing down

So I won’t have to see

The huge quantum of my loss

Or do you still have

An ace up your sleeve?

Do your conjuring trick, my dear

Don’t vanish this time round

Enchant me once more, my love

And never break the spell

Will you lift me up or run me into the ground

I guess only time will tell.

Heads you win, Tales I Love!

Go ahead and tell me again

How this was a bad idea

It’s nothing I haven’t heard before

Not once, not twice, not thrice

Every time I’ve tried to love

I’ve paid this heavy price

So push and shove

And set me aside


Leap and jump

And show some faith

For I’m more than

Just a bad roll of dice.

Before I sleep

I’m walking on a road

Paved with my own dreams

Bordered on both sides

With the weight of expectations

Every twist and every turn

Every treacherous meander

Designed to make me crash and burn

From the thoughts of a foul stranger

He says I can’t make it

I’d break

For I’m too fragile

He says I’ll have to fake it

With deceiving eyes

And a pretentious smile

I could listen to him

Fall for his beguile

Yet I choose to shrug him off

And walk that extra mile.

I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

– Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

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Why a Poet #7

There’s so much left that I’ve yet to do

Pick a fight with a mountain

And win it too

Over lofty ideals

And a head lost in clouds

Over the loudest of echoes

And the voice which resounds

I’d love to outrun

The wind on it own wings

Till it gives up the chase

And my name it sings

Then I’d meander

With a river

And go gander

With a goose

Till I’ve laughed at the world

Like I’ve nothing more to lose

I’d have dinner with the devil

And live long enough to tell

I’d dance a charm with an angel

Till someone unrings the bell

I’m no poet

As you can very well see

But I’d someday stir someone

To turn me into poetry.

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