Music and Lyrics

A lyrical melody

Is what I’d like to be

Hear me any which way

Just the soulful music

Or only meaningful words

I’d make you equally happy

A dream for a nightmare?


Comes with a tagline

Dreams be available here

And so do nightmares

Till 3:03 am

Sometimes a barter works in this bazar

Sell your dreams

For some scary, sleepless nights

And sometimes there’s a miracle

Where you’re handed a bucketful of dreams

So believe me and don’t

Open your eyes tonight

Come again tomorrow

To get your money’s worth

In Memoriam

I have a thing for gusts of winds

They touch me but for a second

Yet their embrace lingers for a while

Sometimes bringing blessed respite

To an otherwise dreary day

This is how I’d like to be remembered, I think

Approaching the peripheries of many lives

Yet leaving a mild mark

Enough to bring a smile to their faces

When someone in the room mentions a name similar to mine

I wonder, how’d you like to be remembered?

Why A Poet #12

If you have to sit down and make yourself write, then alas, you are betraying the craft itself

For you see poetry isn’t made, created or done

It fills you up with frenzy

Until it oozes out in words

It catches you unawares

When you least expect it

And then promptly proceeds to overwhelm and overtake you

It consumes all your thoughts

With a feverish delight

It captures every breath you take

Like you were its birthright

It’s an agonising mistress

Yet a rewarding lover

It’s an amazing way to destress

Or to start all over

So no, I don’t believe you can make poetry


You become it


Fairy tales will have you believe

True love’s kiss cures all ills

Real world, however,

Most definitely begs to differ

Here love becomes the root cause

Of all pain, hurt and evils

And in between this contrast

We all grew up

The hope of fairy tale endings

And happily ever afters

Are now my favourite stories

To tell over a halloween bonfire

Are you scared yet?


Well, once upon a time

In a land far, far away..

The Autumn of Life

We’re slowly but surely moving into autumn, it seems

My favourite plants are shedding leaves

Boughs drooping

As if reflecting my inner sadness

The skies are gloomier still

Interspersed with hues of grey

Trees, however, are on fire

Basking in their last glory

A swan song

Before it’s all gone

In one fell swoop

Leaving a barren shell

I think I’d much like to go out like that

In the autumn of life


Rise once more

Before returning to dust

Smile infectiously

Even if it’s a toothless one

Laugh heartily

So that it resounds

Live unapologetically

And maybe leave a mark

Love fully

So that the cup runneth over

Dance joyfully

Regardless of stepping on some sore toes

Let my scrawny, white hair down

Like fair Rapunzel’s crown

Yes, I think when comes the autumn of life

I’d like to show it a thing or two

What do you think you would do?

Windows to the Soul

I wish I had words for the visions in my head

I’d paint you a kaleidoscope of colours never seen before

I’d take you places ethereal and surreal

Like living a dream, I dare say

I’d write you a picture book

Capturing a million stories in a single glance

I’d show you a new world all around

Equal parts beautiful and terrible

Awe inspiring and frightening

Calming and excitedly rattling

Soothing salve and heartburn

But alas

My words would scarce suffice

So take a walk, will you, through my eyes?


They talk of beauty in absolute terms

Then subjugate it

To paltry subjectiveness

Till it reaches insulting objectification

I wonder

What become of appreciation

Isn’t gratitude

Its own gratification

Isn’t there a little beauty

In every creation?

Let’s, for once,

Behold it again and

Make that humankind’s salvation?

She Smiled to Conquer?

A gaping hole peered through

Where once a glass ceiling was

Up high

Smiling down at the shattered remnants

A statue of Lady Liberty

Majestically rose

Eons it’s taken

With decades still to go

For the delicately strong lines

Of the Sculptor to show

Writing destiny

Across a marble-like