Begin Again

Isn’t ‘new beginnings’ a redundancy?

Or do we all go around chasing old habits, places and people

Time and time again

Swimming in circles

Getting nowhere faster

Content with circuit being our lot?

I think next time

I’d just like to have a beginning


No new beginnings

Begging to begin again

I dream of reality?

You ask me if I’m a dreamer or a realist

As if being either could define me in your eyes

Or being both at the same was incredulously impossible


I am a dreamer and a realist

For if you wouldn’t dare to dream

How could you possibly fathom the limits of your reality?

Forget It Not

Remember to always choose the sun

The flowers

The moon

And the stars

Remember to believe in beauty

And magic

And dance

And music

Remember to live

And love

And laugh

Despite all that is tragic

Remember to feel

To breathe

To cry

To decry



What makes you human

And humane


And insane


And flutter


And glitter


Just remember

A few of my favourite words

Home – a noun, a place, a pet, a person

Love – a noun and a verb, a feeling, a blur, a butterfly, a happiness, a heartbreak, a skipped beat, a life

Sorrow – a moment, fleeting, a temporary emotion, a lapse, a regret, a hurdle, overcome

Hope – an emotion, illogical, a wishful thought, a dream to hang onto, a force, a reckoning, a silver lining, a friend

Happiness – you create for yourself, a building block, a foundation, a motto, a theme, well-lived, well-loved, well-laughed

I tried something different today. I feel it’s still poetry. Tell me your thoughts on it, please? I’d love to see your interpretation of this piece. And maybe make such lists a regular feature.

Working Title

What if I wrote a book

By putting together various blurbs

Narrating blurry days from life

Penned down in vivid detail

What if I wrote a book

Which had none of the commonly recognised emotions

Genres or themes

But could still make one feel

Each person albeit a bit differently

What if I wrote a book

Laying bare my most vulnerable of thoughts

Spun with words that aren’t commonly strung together

Yet make perfect sense

If you read them in a single breath

What if I wrote a book?