I decided once to rush time a little

Counting seconds instead of hours

It drove me mad until I lost track

Of everything that really mattered

So I decided to slow down life a little

Counting moments and memories

As some set my heart atwitter

And destiny smiled away

Happy new year, fam!

How’s 2020 coming along?

It’s the end of a decade, although it feels more like the end of an era. From 2010 to 2020, I grew up and went to college, got my first job, made friends for life, had my first and only heartbreak and what not! I travelled the world (well, made a start atleast) and I read to my heart’s content. I started writing poetry, something I thought I’d never do. And I found you!

So, here’s me wishing you all the love and luck in life this new year!

Tell me what your plans are?




A late night conversation

Followed by countless sleepless days

With shared habits and odd interests

You made a home in my heart

Through endless ways

And I’m left


With my heart plundered

While your memories

My mind

Seamlessly replays

Who Am I?

I write poems at midnight for an audience of one

I dance, whenever I feel like, till my hair become undone

I cry long and loud, some times, just for fun

I slow down when life demands it

And in the mornings, I run

You could call me a paradox

Cool and calm as the moon in the night

And yet

I always rise

Blazing like the sun.

Why A Poet #13

There’ll come a time when all poets of this world

Would have passed on to heaven above

Then who would tell tales

Of great love and sorrows

Of dark days and brighter tomorrows

How would one know what heartbreak felt like

Before even experiencing the first pangs of new love

Who would make history sound like a nightingale’s tune

Who would tell kids stories of days long gone

Who’d unravel the mysteries of life

Who’d decipher the whispering of woods

The triumph of good over evil

Would go unnoticed

The fall of Goliath wouldn’t glorify David

There’d be no hope, no song, no misery

If there weren’t words strung together in poetry

To do or not to do

Good things happen to those who try

The time for simply waiting has long gone by

Little by little

Every inch of the way

Push your limits

And remember

Even Rome wasn’t built in a day

Life goes on

Leaving us mute spectators

So I say, even though we’ve no sound to chime

Nothing can stop us from learning to mime

Thinking out of the box is the key here

When one door closes

Don’t show any fear

For when you believe in yourself, my dear

And put in an effort

You’d have no regrets

Despite facing failure

For you fail not when you don’t win

You lose when you’ve not even tried to play the game

So, if it’s all the same

I’d rather work

Than shirk

And be my own sweet reward.

I hope you all like this near-year-end motivator. It’s the time for resolutions. I’m getting off my feet and getting things done. I’m on the path that I’ve forged with blood, sweat and tears. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Im getting closer to my goals and getting ready to set my aims even higher.

How’s your journey in life been so far? Are you making some genuine resolutions for the new year? I’d love to hear about them!



Last but not the least

December, despite a cold heart, never fails to warm my soul. It’s always brought with it promises of kindling romance and new beginnings in life. When the piercing December winds smack against my face, I feel even more alive. It teaches me to brace against the harshness of times. It also always amazes me how the last month of the year, rather than inciting gloom and dread, fills me up with cheer. Way before the Christmas lights go up, my eyes start to glimmer. The world around me, snow covered, starts to glow and shimmer.

December, you have always been kind. This year too, please be mine?


He reminded me of a Wodehouse novel

Satirical, whimsical, fantastical and witty

He strung me along like a Beethovan melody

Light headed, dizzy, tipsy yet taking flight

He serenaded me like Sinatra

Till we were no strangers in the night

He goaded my like Antony’s speech

Killing me with kindness

But most of all

He loved me

Like the way it was always meant to be

Of First Love and Fountain Pens

First love is very much like learning to write. The move from erasable pencils to the permanency of ink. Delible, of course, by fallen tears. The smooth yet blotchy scratching of the nib, like the throes of a new relationship. The rush of flowing ink, forming words straight from the heart.

You go through the pages of life without giving it a conscious thought, yet safely tucked at the back of your drawer, battered from age and wear, lies your beloved fountain pen. The first pen which made you feel like a grownup. Forgotten and replaced, thrown away for spilling and splotching too much. Yet, you can’t help but smile and shed a tear every time you behold it.

Perfect Strangers and the things they do

The world as you know it

Will change one day

At the hands

Of a perfect stranger

Yet you’d feel

More comfortable

Than you have ever before

Life as you know it

Would stand upside down

Yet it’d be more recognisable

Than the headstand it feels like now


As you know it to be

Will change its very definition as a noun

From a place to a person

And yet

You’d always long to go home