If He Loves You

If you think he doesn’t notice

The corner of your mouth

Where your smile upturns just a tad

When you’re nurturing a naughty thought,

If you think he cannot see

Your eyes glazing over

With a flicker and a frown

As you’re caught in the grip of a bad memory,

If you feel he is oblivious

To the troubles you’re trying to hide

When you speak a little too fast

And gesture a little too often,

If you feel he cannot perceive

The hurt you have been nursing

As you’re trying to imagine a life

Straight out of a fairytale,

If you feel he wouldn’t find out,

The difference between your dreams

And a nightmare most horrifying

Even when he’s deep in his sleep,

Then, oh! My sweet darling,

You’re the one who’s running blind

For when he really loves you

You’re never out of his mind.


38 thoughts on “If He Loves You

  1. Listen Girl,
    Poetry speaks to me like no other literary form. I’m not interested in “Likes or Follows,” In fact, I hope you delete this comment. You have my email address now yes? I wish you to know your words move me, that’s all. A proposition for you?? – If you delete this comment, perhaps we could become friends, with no preconceived ideas or judgements. If you were to comment on my blog, I’d not publish it unless you gave you permission. At least I’d have your email address. My best to you Varnika

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