The stories in my eyes

I like to call them dreams

Span across a myriad different themes

They come to me in full splendour

And technicoloured beams

I struggle to remember them on most days

Holding onto them by their seams

But they’re flighty and ephemeral

And not always what they seem

But today

Today I remember

More than a few snippets

So tell me

Would you like to hear

The stories in my eyes?


The Place of My Dreams

There’s a small city

On the other side of the world

With the tiniest shoreline

But the clearest skyline

And a heart of pure gold.

Hi people,

How’s this new year treating you?

How many resolutions are still a go?

For those with the travel bug, what’s one city which makes you feel more at home than home itself? I’d love to know!

Cheers and keep smiling.

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Before I sleep

I’m walking on a road

Paved with my own dreams

Bordered on both sides

With the weight of expectations

Every twist and every turn

Every treacherous meander

Designed to make me crash and burn

From the thoughts of a foul stranger

He says I can’t make it

I’d break

For I’m too fragile

He says I’ll have to fake it

With deceiving eyes

And a pretentious smile

I could listen to him

Fall for his beguile

Yet I choose to shrug him off

And walk that extra mile.

I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

– Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

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An Act of Kindness

In the vast expanse

Of the night sky

I see a tiny star

Twinkling down

One in a million

Or more

And yet

It seems focused on just me

Trying it’s best

To uplift the dark

And send a sliver of light

To keep back the demons

And rekindle warmth

To fight back the sorrows

And recall happiness

If an unknown stranger

Can do so much

To make me smile

I think I owe it

To the world

To make it worthwhile.

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There’s a place

Where all bad thing go to thrive

A place which goodness has forsaken

An apt dwelling for Satan

It’s a world within a world

A terrarium of terror

It can suck you in

Like a whirlpool

Or quicksand

Or even blackhole

And the void left behind

Will be all that remains

Of a person once known as you

But this isn’t all

No, not by a long stretch

This place which scares me most

Is where all my nights reside

Where every sleeping hour is always lost

Day after day, year after year

It’s the only constant I have ever seen

I am so used to it by now

That within its murky halls

I weave my way about

Knowing it more than seeing

In the dismal, dreary, dark.

Feeling it

More than believing

Of the misery therein contained

And tonight I’ve come to realise

I’ve finally made it my home.

Death Comes as the End

Blank walls

And blank pages.

Nothing to account for

A life that was lived.

The still warm body

Looked peacefully at rest

Endowed with an eternal sleep.

Yet, still floating behind those closed eyes,

Lingering as if to prolong their goodbyes,

Were a myriad fluttering dreams.

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Dreamy Night

Her eyes dreamt
Of an inky sky
Speckled with stardust
As a crimson hue trailed behind
The horizon dipping Sun
Shapeless clouds billowed by
And a lightning crack
Split the canvas in two.
She dreamt a dream
Of an endless night
As morning came tiptoeing in
To the fluttering of her eyes.

One or the Other

She sought him in her nightmares

She sought him in her dreams

When she woke up

She could hardly tell

The one from the other

Since he saved her in her nightmares

And she lost him in her dreams

The one became the other

Somewhere in between.

So she took to sleeping with him

Held closely in her arms

The warmth that he exuded

Ended the nightly tussle

And merged the happiness

Of the one with the other.

Starry Night

Love found them

On a starry night

From half a world across.

Through stormy thoughts

It made its way

Dispelling the dark, grey clouds.

Their hopeless lives

Now saw slivers

Of a bright sun’s shining rays.

The misery plaguing

Their happiness

Was similarly chased away.

And their restless nights

Of nightmarish dwam

Brimmed with dreams galore.

Yes, love found them one starry night

And crept into their hearts.

Featured Image : ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh