My Own Monster

Do you remember?

When we were kids,

We had such ideas in our head,

That in the night there used to be,

Monsters in our closet,

While evil lurked under our bed.

And we would cry,

And scream,

And shiver,

Scared half to death,

Till our parents ran in,

To switch on the lights,

And lo, there was nothing there.

For even as kids, we could see,

That there are no monsters in the light.

But we grew up,

And had to keep up,

A myriad appearances.

Our fears became a thing of the past,

As we got caught up in pretences.

We learnt to shove aside all doubt,

And let no one see past our cover.

No matter how afraid we were,

We’d never indulge in a cower.

But I say,

Fear, my dear,

And be afraid.

Remind yourself of what it was like,

To feel a child-like fear,

And when you feel the time is ripe,

Do not hesitate,

To switch on the light,

And in the brightness that ensues,

Take a breath with your head held high,

And ready yourself for every fight,

‘Cause even children know, my dear,

There are no monsters in the light.

Happiness can be found, in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. – Albus Dumbledore


42 thoughts on “My Own Monster

  1. I adore that quote from AD
    And I adore all things Harry Potter. My eldest (now 19) was 2 when The Philosophers Stone was first published!! I was hooked .. as my children became over time …
    Beautifully written post… 🌸

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    1. Thank you!
      Aww, that’s so sweet. I was 5 myself when The Philosopher’s Stone was published, and now, at the end of my 25th year, I’m getting a chance to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I’m almost as excited as I used to be at the release of every new instalment in the series (if not more πŸ˜‰). So, I guess I can relate. More power to you, Mama, for bringing up your children on important things like Harry Potter. Sending my love and wishes to them. πŸ’•

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      1. Thank you; I’ll take that compliment warmly on this cold day πŸ§šπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ many thank yous!!
        Yes, we had a lot of fun with the books, then the films, then the Exhibition at Watford; I took them about 4 summers ago and allowed two hours to look round. We didn’t emerge until 7 hours after we entered- it was AWESOME!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰

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  2. The quality of your writing is probably inspirational to many other writers such as myself. You have set a benchmark against which I will measure my own limited attempts at writing. Thank you for being willing to accept all feedback, not simply praise.

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  3. I love the absolute division between safety and danger that light provides most people as they grow up. And you are absolutely correct that it is essential to remember the fear, and how it is possible to defeat that feeling when it emerges in later life by the simple act of looking straight at it. I think, as we get older, that turning on the light doesn’t prove to us the monster doesn’t exist: It proves to us, and the monster, that we are just no longer afraid of it.
    This is a beautiful memory you have encouraged your readers to step back into, and I should imagine that nostalgia is a comfortable place for us all.
    Please do not be offended if I point this out, but in your haste to no doubt coax your readers back to the comfort, you inadvertently overlooked a typo during your editing: “…and let no one see past out [our] cover.” I know the small error doesn’t interrupt your intent, but when we writers chose words as our tools it is because we love the precision (or indeed the ambiguity) with which we can employ them, and people often think we want our readers to overlook the errors: In fact I rather believe it shows the writing has been read with scrutiny and the inquisitive eye of somebody that is looking to learn something new rather than one looking to confirm only what they already know. I am very new to writing, and to your page, but I am loving the purity with which you speak to me and your followers. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. You’re very right, indeed. It gives me immense pleasure to see how you’ve read, interpreted and have added meaning to my words with your feedback.
      Thank you again, for notifying my about the typo. I would never want such errors to be overlooked by any reader. It might not take away from the intent, but it sure sticks out like an eyesore in what should, otherwise, be a pleasing and comforting experience for the reader. Unfortunately, since I use the WordPress application on my phone, I usually write my poems elsewhere (mostly using pen and paper) and do the editing there itself. Thus, autocorrect sometimes ends up getting the better of me. I’ll try to be more careful in future. Thank you, again.
      As for what you said about my page, I am greatly humbled and honoured by your words. I try my best to give a voice to our emotions and thereby speak to readers. When they engage with my writings and, in turn, me, there is nothing more fulfilling than that feeling. I hope to always uphold the purity in this exchange. Just as I am honest in my writings, I intend to be honest with my readers. Much love πŸ’•. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. ❀️

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    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Childhood memories are always vivid. I hope we can retain the ability to feel afraid like a child and yet have the tenacity to keep going, learning, tumbling, getting up and walking again just like they do.

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  4. I literally related this poem to the conspiration of my dreams yet in my current days too and how I’m typically crazy in overcoming over it.

    I wish a bunch of lucks to myself too that I may boom as I get connected with you all a seasoned and blogger’s by heart. And umm, thank you Jain for being my first viewer and liker hehe…
    Hoping that you guys will be kind follow me( and guid me too as I am new to wordpress.
    -Regards (Bhutan, the land of thunder dragon)

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        1. Wow, that’s a beautiful coincidence! When are your birthdays?
          Yes, I think kids are the bravest people. They wake up everyday afraid of so many things they don’t understand, and yet they’re always willing to run on ahead, even if they’re still learning to walk.

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