Eye Spy with My Eye

The things we think we know

Are the ones we know of the least

For its the things we don’t think we know

Which we make an effort to find out



And retain

So don’t tell me that you know me, darling

Tell me that you don’t

Atleast then I’d know

You’ll be willing to see me.


The Eyes Do Deceive

No, no,

I am happy

Just don’t go

By my eyes

They’re deceptive

And disloyal

They betray

And can even sway

They hold truths

And lies

In equal measures

They conceal love

And pain

Both as worthy treasures

Believe me

When I say

I’m Happy


The Other Side of Me

That nagging feeling

Of something about to go horribly awry

Didn’t let me sleep that night

Maybe, it was for the best

Because who knows if I’d dozed off

Would I have woken up as the same person again

In this world of ever changing personalities

I’ve become a stranger

To my own self

And there’s a feeling

That I’m veiwing

My own life as it passes me by

Like a horrible, macabre kaleidoscope

Like an out of body experience

Slightly surreal

Mostly transcendental

I wish I knew

Of what to hope

For the one I see


The one I feel

I’m not two-faced, no

Nor am I unity

For divided I stand

As separate entities

Still lying in wait

To form my true identity

And Thereby Hangs a Tale

Every crease around my eye

Tells of moment full of joy

Every curve near my mouth

Is a testament of a laugh

Every blemish, every scar,

Every single unhealed mark

Is a story

Ready to burst forth

Listen, if you will

For these aren’t wrinkles

On my face

To show that I survived

But an ode to a life

Well loved, cherished and lived.

The Room with No Doors

In a room with no doors

There’s a window with no bars

Alas, it’s too small to creep through

Yet big enough to see it all

The taste of sweet freedom

Lingers yet on the tongue

The joy of easy escape

Eludes the prisoner

Like the great Houdini


In the room with no doors

There’s a window with no bars

And that’s why

I can feel

The walls close in on me.

The Unknown

Into the unknown

Lead me on, love

With gentle caresses

And soothing whispers

Fall in step beside

To turn the tide

Of a broken past

And a shattered heart

Into the unknown, I say

Because whatever else I’ve known

Before you

Couldn’t have been love

For whatever it is that you’ve shown

To me

Can be anything but

So I’ll close my eyes

And hold on tight

No clue where my future lies

But the path of destiny

Goes through you

And by bearing all that came before

I’ve more than paid my due.

Man of Steel

Down is up

Up is down

Inside this

Topsy turvy town

Life’s moving way too fast

Yet seems to be eerily still

Stuck in the doldrums

Approaching warp speed

Listen to me ye all

And pay some heed

The hand we’re dealt

Is ours to keep

If that’s your truth

Then no more should you seek

For mountains steep

Can still be scaled

By the power of sheer grit

And a bundle of nerves

Made of steel.

The Storyteller

Outside a sleepless, ugly town

In a seedy, shady hotel

There’s a dingy, dirty room

With a single, flickering light bulb

Shedding light on a yellowed, floral wallpaper

Overlooking a squeaky, twin bed

Having a threadbare mattress

And a moth eaten quilt

Adorned with pillows

Permanently depressed

With the impressions of a hundred heads

This place, my dear

Has a thousand bedraggled stories to tell

Of young love

And old-age eccentricity

Of hopes dashed

And the depth of human depravity.

A Boy I Knew

I knew a little boy once

Tender and caring

Inquisitive and innocent

Big eyes full of love

Big smile free of beguile

He reminded me

Of hugs

Freely given

Of kisses

Softly stolen

In three blinks


He grew up

I don’t know him anymore

Big eyes, so deceptive

Big smile, too fake

He wants something from me

I know

But the worst part is

He doesn’t want me

And I can’t let go

Of the ghost of our past

Wishing against all hope

Trying to find that little boy

Who promised a life of joy

Not this man

Who plays with my heart like a toy.