Dare to dream

There’s a place where all dreams go to die

Built upon the shackles of society

Nurtured by well meaning words spoken by snakelike tongues

Propped up

By pillars of self doubt and uncertainty

With a healthy sprinkling of what if it wasn’t meant to be

But all it takes to realise them all

Is to stand up

And defy


Never Have You Ever

If I told you there’d be no consequences

Would you do the things you wouldn’t dare to

For fear of failing, being misunderstood or talked about?

Write words straight from your heart

Without forcing your mind to filter them out?

Say stuff to people’s faces

that you’d kept bottled up for ages?

Sleep a good night’s sleep

Finally dreaming of your wildest ever desires?


Well then why let a small thing like consequences stop you?

Why a Poet #11

Whenever I’m one with nature

I feel poetry ebb and flow within me

Yet, I cannot pen down words

In awe of the splendour and grandiosity

It is only when I lay in bed

Awake at night

My pillow still wet from tears which should have long dried up

My bed still yearning for some warmth

And my body feeling cold even on a mid summer’s night

As cold as the heart which broke me

Is when I can write

Words flowing out

With great urgency

As if something would go rather amiss

If they weren’t spelt out right away

As if I need to empty myself of every single drop of them

Before sleep could be allowed to overtake me as a blessed relief

The frenzy with which my thoughts arrange themselves

The headiness of feelings described

Confuse and amaze me

Both at the same time

And I end up reversing the age old idiom

Of a lull before the storm



Sleep evades me

So you should brace yourself

For some mindless poetry

Half Past Midnight

At half past midnight

I woke up in a fright

My chest felt tight

Better senses took flight

I’d left on a light

But it isn’t nearly as bright

I hope I’ll be alright

If I just sit tight

And squeeze my eyes shut with all my might

For it’s half past midnight

And there are nameless horrors

Within my sight

Windows to the Soul

I wish I had words for the visions in my head

I’d paint you a kaleidoscope of colours never seen before

I’d take you places ethereal and surreal

Like living a dream, I dare say

I’d write you a picture book

Capturing a million stories in a single glance

I’d show you a new world all around

Equal parts beautiful and terrible

Awe inspiring and frightening

Calming and excitedly rattling

Soothing salve and heartburn

But alas

My words would scarce suffice

So take a walk, will you, through my eyes?

Through My Eyes

I’ve never known beauty

As profound

As the raindrops wetting parched mud

As ink gushing out of a fountain pen’s nib

As a child’s laughter

As a mother’s heart

As a father’s embrace

As a brother’s banter

As a sister’s adoration

As love’s first moments shared in silence

As a bird’s chirping heralding a new day

As the twinkling of stars on a cloudless sky

As the sinking of sun across the shore

As your reflection beheld

In my teary eyes

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world

There’d still be pain

But it would hurt

A whole lot less

In a perfect world

There’d be an outpour of rain

After every devastating

forest fire

In a perfect world

I’d breathe through the ache

And bane

Of your existence

In a perfect world

You’d still be you

And I’d be me

But much stronger

In a perfect world

You’d break my heart

But there’d be


In a perfect world

We’d be able to see heaven

But there’d still be hell

To pay for.

The Nature of Life?

A heavenly symphony

A divine comedy

Or a dramatic tragedy

We’re but marionettes

And our lives, an entertainment

For up high above

So why not laugh, love and cry

For if it’s fun they want

At our expense

Two can play that game

Give them a show

They’ll never forget

Give them hell

For I’m sure

They let

Hades live in peace.

Stronger Than I Believe

What is strength if not me?

For I am strong

Stronger than I think

Stronger than I feel

Stronger than I would ever need to be

Do you doubt that?

Come then

Try and hurt me

Throw a punch

Physical or emotional

And we shall see

How fast I heal

While you wallow in the depths of misery

For having lost to me

and worst still

For having lost me