Be still my beating heart

There was something here once

That’s long since ceased to be

It strived

It thrived

It leapt

But more than that

It felt

It loved

It wept

So, yes, there was something here once

That’s long since ceased to be

A heart, a life, a buildup of memory

And I,

I chose to put it out of its misery

When it Rains, it Pours

I’ve experienced a different kind of monsoon this year. In a strange new city, amidst vaguely familiar people. I heard the pitter patter of raindrops falling against my window panes. I heard the thunderstorm unleashing at your end too over our early morning calls. The coffee tastes different, more fulfilling somehow. The days pass by quickly, less mundane somehow. And weekends, oh the weekends are divine. For on weekends, the rains truly shine. And on weekends, you find the time to be mine. If only for a moment, if only till it’s raining outside.


It was a strange day that I met you on

It was raining and bright and sunny at the same time

It was a strange feeling you left me with

It was ticklish and morbidly scary at the same time

It’s been a strange time knowing you

It’s elating and beyond despair at the same time

It’s strange saying goodbye to you

It’s liberating and torturous at the same time

I’ll call you, maybe?

Crazy, beautiful stranger

This one’s for you

Because you don’t know me

Not yet

But you don’t know yourself either

Not yet

So I’ll show you how you look

And feel

To someone stumbling across you

While you go bumbling on your way


Of the number of hearts you sway

Because you’re a crazy, beautiful stranger

And I’d love to know you, if I may

The Sea Shatters

The sea shatters

With every storm

Till the gentle moonlight

Creates calm ripples to mend it whole again

The sea shatters

With every ship setting sail

Till a high tide washes away

The last of its trail

The sea shatters

With ever tear that rolls down to it

Till the music of a singing heart

Holds it together again

The sea shatters

Over and over again

Yet it always waves a warm welcome to me


My diary’s missing a few pages today

Torn and crumpled

Hastily thrown away

Words can be made to disappear

But the ghosts of memories

Still find a way to stay

My diary’s missing a few pages today

With ragged edges

And a splitting spine

It yearns to forget

What was once mine

My diary’s missing a few pages today

But you’re inked in my heart

And it’s hard to erase

The remnants of

Your cruelly smiling face


I will sit with you in silence

Till you can speak again

I will hide in plain view

Till you can go seek again

I will climb mountains for you

Till you can stand on your feet again

I will sing endless lullabies

Till you can sleep in peace again

I will cry a river

Till you can smile again

I will, I will, I will

Till you can again