A Question of Choice?


I don’t understand

That man hurt me

Mum, why is my belly growing?

Mummy, there’s something inside of me!

But moooom, I can’t be a mother

I’m your baby

I’m still a child

What do you mean, Mumma, that they don’t care?

Why do you say it’s not my life?

How was it never my choice?

He chose to do this Mama

But I didn’t ask for this?

Oh, I did?

Alright, I guess I won’t go out of the house wearing a skirt again.



Hi baby, shush, this world isn’t meant for you but I’ll do my best to keep you safe. My mother couldn’t, and it broke her. Her own shadow haunts her. But you, my love, shall be safe. I’ll dress you like a boy.


4 thoughts on “A Question of Choice?

  1. Excellent! Very sad and tragic, but you present very well and very poignantly the stark truth of so many life issues, such as: women’s right, rape, teen (or child) pregnancy, masochism and male domination, etc. Very courageous and I commend you, Varnika!

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    1. Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do justice to an issue as sensitive as this. But then I thought of the injustice of it all and knew I won’t be able to sleep if I didn’t at least speak up. Thank you so much for appreciating!

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