Kind hearts

And nicer souls

Always tolerant

Never a tyrant

Gentle guidance

Comforting hugs

Boundless love

Constant worrying

Undaunted support

Always giving

Never asking for anything in return

They smile every time I smile

They cry before tears can even leave my eye

They live to see me make a life for myself

I am, because you are

And what you are is rather rare


All I want

Is a room with a view

A heart with a tune

A dream with a date

A song for my fate

A prayer on my lips

A swing to my hips

Some wind beneath my wings

Hands which can seize

Manners aimed to please

Eyes which can see no lies

And most of all

I want to be

Surrounded by

More books than I can count

And more love than I can contain

Please feel free to add below.

Small beginnings

Every great story

Starts off as an ordinary one

With a hesitant writer

Penning down uncertain words

Unaware of when he’s begun

To weave an extraordinary tale

Unable to imagine his humble characters

Morphing into heroes

Unsure of whether the climax

Ties up all loose ends

Afraid of what the world would think

Once it’s been published

Pained at the thought of his every mistake

Preserved for all posterity

Yes, every great story

Begins unknowingly

Despite brimming with latent potential

Then what compels you

To be so hard on yourself

While your story is turning its pages yet?

Snippets of my soul

Every time you come to me

With no intention of staying

You tear away a part of me

Which can never grow back

Every time you talk to me

With no truth in your voice

You cut at me with razor blades

And I ooze out your lies

Every time you look at me

With less than loving eyes

You down the shutters and drown out the light

From every corner of my heart

Every time you leave me again

With promises of an ever after

You suck the joy from all my days

And all the brightness inside of me

So, here

Take this

I’ve compiled a scrapbook for you

And on every page

You’ll find in red

Snippets of my soul

In Memoriam

I have a thing for gusts of winds

They touch me but for a second

Yet their embrace lingers for a while

Sometimes bringing blessed respite

To an otherwise dreary day

This is how I’d like to be remembered, I think

Approaching the peripheries of many lives

Yet leaving a mild mark

Enough to bring a smile to their faces

When someone in the room mentions a name similar to mine

I wonder, how’d you like to be remembered?

Flight or flight

I drew a self portrait

With wings

Still life

They called it

About to take flight

Was how I interpreted it

Because you see

A thing at rest

May not always be at rest

If you have an imagination

Strong enough

To will it into motion

So tell me

What’s stopping you

From unfurling your wings

And letting your thoughts and dreams free to fly today?

Because I


I am already feeling a little light headed

By the height of my desires


Fairy tales will have you believe

True love’s kiss cures all ills

Real world, however,

Most definitely begs to differ

Here love becomes the root cause

Of all pain, hurt and evils

And in between this contrast

We all grew up

The hope of fairy tale endings

And happily ever afters

Are now my favourite stories

To tell over a halloween bonfire

Are you scared yet?


Well, once upon a time

In a land far, far away..