“We are linked, not ranked”

The exceptional Gloria Steinem implored us to imagine we are linked, not ranked. Granted she was talking about the commonalities shared in the origins of all races, castes, gender and humanity in general, I believe her statement raises another profound thought.

Imagine a world where someone’s gain isn’t measured by another’s loss. Why do I have to lose for you to win? Why do I have to fail for you to be Successful? Why are you so vain that you are only able to cherish your accomplishment by comparing it to other’s misfortune?

We are linked, not ranked. Why cannot one man be conferring a value to the sum total of humanity while another man contributes a different value. After all, it isn’t the conservation of energy that’s in question here. This isn’t a balance sheet. We are people, not numbers or columns of debit and credit.

Imagine a world like that, sounds exactly like the one I’d like to live in.


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