Thank God It’s Friday?

On a Friday night

Just like any other

I lay in bed

Without a single bother

The town swirled around me

A blur of coloured lights

People rushed around talking

In a murmured buzz

It was a downright circus, aye

Like a merry-go-round

Running at a nauseating pace

While I stood silently still

At it’s very centre

Strung to it all

Feeling its ebbing throes

Yet disconnected from the throng

Like a marionette

The world passed me by

While I, the very epicentre

Felt like an innocent, dumb bystander

For on a Friday night

Like any other

I lay in bed

Without a single bother

The Days of Our Lives

Some days are a whirlwind

Blowing you along in a heady spin

Rolling in and rolling out

At a pace which leaves no room

For a sit down with your thoughts and moods

And then there are those

That crawl in

With a creepy feeling of foreboding

You know deep within

That they’ll take you for quite a different ride

Into your soul, into your mind and even into your heart

Searching for answers

Seeking reasons

And wondering why

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Reasons Why

I saw a movie last weekend. One of those romantic comedies you curl up in bed with on a lazy Sunday morning with a coffee mug and comfort food in tow. It had been a long week, after all. Amidst all the laughing, crying and rooting for my favourite characters, and not to forget some really fine piece of happy dancing, I came across something really beautiful. One of those things that dawn upon you like a revelation while you feel the world has paused for a bit. A pause in which you can almost hear yourself breathe and your heart pound against your chest. They were quite simple words, really, nothing significant about them in a literary manner. Yet, they gave a deeper meaning to something I think I’ve known all along. It goes something like – “You like because…..but, you love despite.” 

How true. You like someone because of various reasons. Their eyes, smile, nature, the way they talk to you, the list can go on and on. Yet, you love them despite all their shortcomings, human frailties,  their own peculiar antics that may annoy you to hell. Their habits that might have you running for the hills. Still, in spite of so many “oh heavens no!”, you can’t help but love the person. All of him. Despite everything.

I believe it’s a wonderful thing indeed. Don’t you?



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