The Trojan Horse

With the strength of hordes

And brute force

Her King

Could never rule her

For with a face

Which launched a thousand ships

Her heart, priceless,

Remained unconquered

Till it encountered

A mere prince

A second son

A namesake

Of the city of love

And Her ensuing act of betrayal

Led a city to it’s ruin

While an empire got united

To right a wrong, they say

Or wrong a right, I ask

For it wasn’t for naught

That a Grecian Queen

Came to be known

As Helen of Troy.

Hello! I’m trying to provide a different outlook to myths and fables surrounding famous women, fictional and real. Would love it if you could please read my previous pieces on Cleopatra and Lady Macbeth as well and let me know what you think by dropping in a comment. Thank you!