At First Sight

In the cobbled old streets of my hometown

In the relentless rains of London

In the sandy beaches of Goa

In the cold and dreary castles of Scotland

On a hot air balloon in Turkey

On a camel ride in Jaisalmer

On a safari in Corbett

On a trek in the Everest

In the mist of the Niagara

In the midst of NY

I’ve fallen in love a myriad times

For you see

I lose my heart to places, not people

I fall in love with moments, and everything around.


What Do You Think? Feat. Travel Diaries and Blog Update (Maybe)

Hi Fam!

Remember I told you I’ll be traveling overseas for Christmas and New Year’s? (In case you don’t, click here) Well, I am incredibly excited. Not in the least because it’ll be a white Christmas and that I’d get to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

However, fret not. I won’t leave without scheduling regular posts for you. Please forgive me if I my replies to you come slightly late though.

Moving on to why the title of this post has been so titled- I was wondering if you’d be interested in a ‘travel with me’ series? I’ll be covering London, Glasgow and Edinburgh over a span of 10 days. I’d be delighted to put together a montage of pictures and my wondrous experiences out here for you only, of course, if enough of you are interested. Now, I’m hopeless at taking aesthetic pictures but my little cousin is a pro with the camera! Plus she’s almost done with her masters in fine arts so we all just make her edit anything that doesn’t come out quite right. Moreover, you can be sure she’ll sneak in some goofy, embarrassing pictures of me too in the mix.

(I know you’re all here for the poems, really, and are wishing I would just shut up. *wink wink* I’m onto you! )

But, tough luck.

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