Do not tell me to relax. No, don’t even. Don’t tell me to take a deep breath when I’m barely staying afloat. Don’t call me silly for fretting over a small issue. Don’t call me insane for showing up everyday, regardless. Don’t remind me of people who’ve had it worse. Don’t tell me this is how life is and how the world works.

Don’t. Just don’t.

Do stay by my side and show me your support. With tender words, not frivolous ones. With kind gestures, not pompous overtures. With care and love. With warmth and heart. And if you can’t, then just let it be. I’ll carry on. I’ll persist. I’ll live. I’ll keep it real. Just don’t you be fake.


Stronger Than I Believe

What is strength if not me?

For I am strong

Stronger than I think

Stronger than I feel

Stronger than I would ever need to be

Do you doubt that?

Come then

Try and hurt me

Throw a punch

Physical or emotional

And we shall see

How fast I heal

While you wallow in the depths of misery

For having lost to me

and worst still

For having lost me


Swam through a pool of fire

And emerged unscathed.

Learned to run without training wheels,

Realised I could fly, growing wings.

Tried to keep my tears under wraps,

Found my smile bedazzling the world.

Never heard a word of encouragement,

Yet my voice resonated with profundity.

Trials, tribulations.

Failures, successes.

Miseries and triumphs –

The sum total of my achievements

May yet be far from even numbers.

But the life that I am living

Will not douse like dying embers.

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