Earning our PRIDE

Dear Diary,

Today we put an end to the black and white and grey. Today, we earned ourselves a full rainbow. Full of colours, love, joy, hope and happiness. And most of all, a promise. A promise of a better tomorrow. A promise of a safer tomorrow. A promise of a world where we can all live as equals. Every colour coming together to create something extraordinary beautiful. Today, we’ve earned our PRIDE.


Love is Love

They say if it ends, it wasn’t love to begin with. If it’s over, it never was.

Shouldn’t it be the other way round though? If it ever was, it was love! Even if it were only for a day or a single fleeting second or simply one-sided, if you felt it in your heart, in your mind, in the very being of your soul, it was nothing other than love? Do you mean to tell me that a flower in bloom, which later withers and dies, was never endowed with sweet nectar? Or a Mayfly, which lives but for a day, is not one of God’s loved creations? If something ends, it never began? If something’s over, it didn’t exist?

No, darling. Love just is. And you’re all the more luckier for having felt it, experienced it and lived it. Let’s not smother it with the expectation of being everlasting.


Love is what it is. Not what it ought to be.

So live. And love. And in loving, live once again.

Today is a great day for India! A centuries old, oppressive, discriminatory law was repealed. There’s no need for anyone to live in the closet anymore. You can dress yourself in a rainbow if you want and step out of the closet into a country accepting of love, individuality and choice. Today, love wins! And in doing so, gives us hope.

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