Kinder Than Needed

The one’s who know my story

Often come back to ask me

Why am I still not wary?

How can I still love?

What can possibly make me care?

Where do I dig in

To find back some trust?

Why does my heart not rust?

To them, I say – Continue reading “Kinder Than Needed”


The Bet

“Oh, you like me now! Give it a few months and you’d be running for the hills”, she said wearily – hiding the pain of having people fall out of love with her before.

“Oh, you shall see, I’m a sticky person,” he responded with the confidence and wisdom of one who’d waited all his life to love the right person and knew what he wanted.

“You’re saying this because we’re still in the honeymoon period of our relationship. Talk to me in 2 months!” She whined and stomped out.

Two months later.

“So you were saying, honey?” He winked.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, she said,”It’s not my fault we’re undergoing an unexpectedly long honeymoon period. Something’s wrong with you! But you wait, you just wait. You’ll see I’m right!”

He smiled indulgently, having given up on convincing her of their longevity, and retorted,”Fine, I’ll put a reminder alarm on my phone for exactly six months from now. We’ll see who wins, alright?”

With a heavy heart, she agreed. No one had ever bothered to stick around, why would he be any different. It was unfortunate, though, that she’d fallen irrevocably in love with him. It’ll hurt that much more when he leaves. She’d better start preparing herself for when the axe falls.

One morning, while he got her coffee and pancakes in bed (yes, he pampered her silly), she heard a beeping sound go off. “Why’s your alarm ringing now? You’re already up?”

Furrowing his brow in confusion, he picked up his phone to check. Within seconds, he was howling with laughter, rolling on the bed. It was only when she glared at him with her most angry expression, which he secretly thought made her look as cute as a button, did he get around to showing her his phone. The alarm read – “Tell her she’s wrong!”

She cracked up instantly too. Both falling in each other’s arms, giggling, laughing, snuggling, oblivious to the world outside.

When he teased her for being wrong for once, she said in a huff,”I still maintain something’s wrong with you! I just need to find out what it is!”

Suddenly getting serious, he looked her straight in the eyes, waiting for her to stop laughing and look back at him.

“Marry me, will you?” He said with such intensity that her jaw dropped.

She looked at him, silent, dazed and confused.

“Marry me?” He repeated.

She blushed. Giggled. Plunged under the covers to hide.

In a moment, she emerged, laughing and nodding her head. It took her a few more minutes to find her voice to say “Yes! Of course, yes!”

She was choking, her voice overwhelmed with emotions.

He was swift to place a ring on her finger lest she got inundated with doubts again. Not about marrying him. About losing him and having to live without him.

“You’re everything to me” He said, sealing the deal.

“Well, you’re saying that now. Give it some time and you’d be fed up of my crazy ass.”

“So shall I put the reminder for ten years later, honey?” He asked, with a serious face.

“Oh, don’t you dare!” She screamed and threw a pillow at him.

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