Counting Your Blessings

Yesterday was indundated with Father’s Day wishes. In all the happiness, good wishes, cheers and celebrations for the man who makes me feel like I can do anything, there was something that dampened my joy. While scrolling through my feed on almost every social media platform, I ended up seeing posts from beautiful people who had lost their dads and yet had the heart to not only share their memories, but wish everyone who was celebrating the day with their fathers yesterday. Yet some other posts talked about how their fathers or “birth-givers” had been deadbeat dads, but they were really happy for all the children being raised by people who take being a father to an altogether new level. 

To all such bravehearts, thank you! I cannot imagine what it must have been like growing up without a father. I cannot imagine what it must have taken to sincerely wish someone a happy day when you’ve not known that joy in your lives or knew it but lost it all too soon. I do not know how you went on from that moment to wherever you are today. I, for one, would be more than lost without the guiding light that is my daddy. 

So, thank you, for humbling me. Thank you, for reminding me to cherish what I have. It’s true, we end up taking our parents for granted. We rely on them far too much to ever forget their importance, but we do take their awesomeness as something regular because we’re showered with it daily. 

From today onward, however, I’m going to remember to count my blessings. If not all, because it is a tall order and we tend to break our vows or forget about them, then atleast the blessings that are my wonderful parents. With them around, I want for nothing. I’ll make sure to remember that and cherish that. 

Counting blessings, dear friends, is a thing we should do more often rather than our daily cribbing over everything that’s going wrong. Don’t you think?

Also, I crossed a hundred followers yesterday! I know, for most of you this wouldn’t mean anything but I’m beyond joyful! I cannot digest the fact that people actual want to read what I write. This, as well, is very humbling. I cannot thank you all enough for sending such love and support my way. I shall definitely endeavour to give my best to bring more interesting content for you. Happy reading! Thank you once again.

PS. Here’s a picture of my father being the dad that he is!


Life’s Fine W(h)ine

I believe I owe my readers an apology. I have changed my blog’s name so many time this past week that half of you wouldn’t even recognise my posts if they came up on your feed. But please bear with me, there’s an explanation coming up.

The blog-naming (?!) progression has gone something like this: A Muse Inked –> Varnika Jain –> Epiphanies in Cacophonies –> Life’s Fine W(h)ine (served with nuggets and cheese)

Don’t worry, the last one’s going to stay for atleast the foreseeable future. Now, the explanation. I feel like this progression also maps my evolution as a blogger. Not that I’m a very successful one with a wide audience as yet, but even baby steps count, right?

This journey began with the penning down of random muses, really. Then that name stopped speaking to me at some level so I switched to just my name. The original one that my parents bestowed​ on me at birth. Subsequently, during my features on Mental Health Awareness, this blog actually took a turn and found a purpose. It did feel like getting an epiphany in the midst of the cacophony of life. I even created poetry. However, till something equally inspiring comes across my path next, I think I’m going to remain silent on that front for a bit. Poetry isn’t my forte, but those were the most loved posts on here and I couldn’t be more thankful to my readers.

During all these transformations, I sensed a bigger picture emerging. Where earlier I used to rant about my life, surroundings and general ongoings, now, while doing the same, I could also somehow convey a message.  I realised that my experiences, learnings and anecdotes, while giving me life lessons, might also have the potential to put things in perspective for similarly placed brethren. They might be going through what I’ve been through. I could, maybe, ease their journey or break down complexities for them. Just like our parents, elders and friends are our well-wishers, I could be that person for strangers out there. Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert on anything and I’d probably begin all my posts with this disclaimer (for more on this, see my post on self-doubt). But who’s to say having a forum to share an experience, a tip, an advise, a hack by even those who are still unraveling their lives will be of no help? Hence, this is now going to be a Personal and Lifestyle Blog because it has been so for some time now without this fact having dawned upon me.

So here’s me, bringing to you Life’s Fine(est) of W(h)ines with a serving of nuggets (the informational kind) and cheese (no other meaning for cheese because cheese is love). Bonus point – it’ll only get better with age!

It is true, however, that I feel very apprehensive in making this change and introducing my words to you anew. I realise that most of my readers are brilliants poets and fiction writers. They might not have a taste for the content I’ve been creating these days. Nonetheless, they’ve still been very supportive and have read my posts regardless. I hope to keep piquing your interest. What’d I’d love most, however, would be your feedback and comments here so that I know I’m on the right track. (I’ve been inundated by messages telling me to have a clear view regarding my blog and stick to a category. Although I can’t possibly stick to just one but I did not want a directionless or vision less blog). So please, please, let me know your thoughts down below.

Apprehensively yours,

Varnika Jain.

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