Update: Not in My Name

I wrote yesterday about citizens hitting the streets in India to protest against mob lynchings in the aftermath of the brutal murder of a teenaged boy (to read the post, please click here). I thank my readers for their stupendous support and all the messages I got from you on my social media.

I just want to give an update that as of today, 11 cities have joined the protest (it was only 5 till last night). I’m grateful that my hometown is also participating and so are two places abroad. Thank you, London and Toronto. I’m attaching a link here to apprise you of the dates and times of the protest in the various cities. Please show up and let the world know that such atrocities cannot be committed in our names anymore!

Thank you for reading.

(It is true that our government is blind, metaphorically, and our people are dumb, again metaphorically, it’s not unless we roar would they be able to hear us!)