Dreamy Night

Her eyes dreamt
Of an inky sky
Speckled with stardust
As a crimson hue trailed behind
The horizon dipping Sun
Shapeless clouds billowed by
And a lightning crack
Split the canvas in two.
She dreamt a dream
Of an endless night
As morning came tiptoeing in
To the fluttering of her eyes.

One or the Other

She sought him in her nightmares

She sought him in her dreams

When she woke up

She could hardly tell

The one from the other

Since he saved her in her nightmares

And she lost him in her dreams

The one became the other

Somewhere in between.

So she took to sleeping with him

Held closely in her arms

The warmth that he exuded

Ended the nightly tussle

And merged the happiness

Of the one with the other.

A Midwinter Night’s Tale

Of cold nights

And summery dreams.

Of dampened flames

And rekindled love.

Of embers bright

And memories sweet.

Of icy winds

And blankets warm.

A hearth, a bed, a couch, a rug,

A heart, a face, a song, a love.

He had asked me what winters reminded me of.