Daily Affirmations #4


Mandala Meditations

I find it difficult to meditate the conventional way. Although I am striving to get there. The importance of meditation is not lost on me, especially in the midst of a nationwide surge in covid cases with everyone I know being either infected or having lost a loved one. The news coming in from all quarters is depressing, the messages coming in from family and friends are overwhelming. The mental stability, understandably, is barely hanging in there.

So I did what I could do to focus my attention away from all of it, if only for a little while. And I made art. I’m not sure if it meets all the standards of being art, but for me it is.

The repeated motions of drawing this mandala stack, the craning of the mind to come up with patterns, the precision required to execute the intricacies of it all was calming and therapeutic.

So here’s my little attempt at self care. I’d love to know what you do to ground yourself and your emotions? I’m looking for ideas. And I’m here to talk, if you need a sounding board.




Do one thing today that makes you happy but you’ve been putting off since forever due to paucity of time.

Do one thing today that’s good for your body – be it hydrating every hour, a quick walk round the block or standing while working. Any thing that could make a difference to your sedentary routine.

Do one thing today that grounds your mental stability. You could meditate, take a power nap, chat with a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with, watch a hilarious movie with family, or treat yourself to some hot chocolate while listening to your guilty pleasure playlist.

Do it. Remind yourself who it’s for and why caring for yourself is alright.

Do something for yourself today and let me know. Then see yourself inspiring others like the wonderful person that you are!

Easy Loving

They say it’s easy to hate and difficult to love. That’s how the whole scheme of things works. I beg to differ, if I may. Pardon me for it, if you feel. Because I think there’s nothing in this world easier than falling in love. Easier than opening one’s heart. Easier than giving another the power to tear you apart.

Hate, on the other hand, requires so much more effort, thought and time. Frankly, I have none. For you see, I’m so busy loving myself that I can feel enough compassion to give love to everyone I meet. And hate, to be honest, just messes with my vibe.

They say it’s easy to hate and difficult to love. I feel nothing but pity for such poor, tortured souls. For they clearly have never spent a day with their own selves and realised how simple it is to just be. And to love. One’s own self and others.

Hate, on the other hand, is the foremost form of self harm. And it must take so much struggle, deprivation, hopelessness and cowardice to hurt your own self.

So, if you find it easy to hate. I implore you to love yourself. No matter how daunting it may seem to be. I assure you, tis seemingly uphill task is actually a wonderful joyride.

To do or not to do

Good things happen to those who try

The time for simply waiting has long gone by

Little by little

Every inch of the way

Push your limits

And remember

Even Rome wasn’t built in a day

Life goes on

Leaving us mute spectators

So I say, even though we’ve no sound to chime

Nothing can stop us from learning to mime

Thinking out of the box is the key here

When one door closes

Don’t show any fear

For when you believe in yourself, my dear

And put in an effort

You’d have no regrets

Despite facing failure

For you fail not when you don’t win

You lose when you’ve not even tried to play the game

So, if it’s all the same

I’d rather work

Than shirk

And be my own sweet reward.

I hope you all like this near-year-end motivator. It’s the time for resolutions. I’m getting off my feet and getting things done. I’m on the path that I’ve forged with blood, sweat and tears. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Im getting closer to my goals and getting ready to set my aims even higher.

How’s your journey in life been so far? Are you making some genuine resolutions for the new year? I’d love to hear about them!



Halfway to the weekend

Good evening, dear friends, and congratulations for making it halfway to the weekend once again! This is exciting for me also because my blog is halfway to 5K which reminds me to try the couch to 5K thingy as well.

However, before committing to weeks of running, I feel it to be of the utmost importance to first prepare my body for what’s to come. I can’t just throw it in the deep end of the pool without any inkling.

Now, I don’t know how long it’s been proven to take to make or break a habit, but I’m guessing half a week is a good way to start. And if you sustain it through the weekend, where all good things go to die and evil rules the roost, it is bound to be a good omen for days to come. My body can then power through.

So who’s with me to give half a week to bettering our mind and bodies by following the self care manual by yours truly?

And thanks to the whole lot of you for keeping me on your screens. Your constant support means more than words can ever convey!

Self Care Manual for Dummies Like Me

  1. Sleep early and sleep enough. Every night, for instance.

  2. Being bored is not equal to feeling hungry. Portion your meals and have them on time.

  3. Workout for 30 minutes (minimum) daily. Not for a summer or bikini bod but for a long, healthy life.

  4. Your body is a temple and your mind its reigning deity. Monitor what you consume, both physically and emotionally. Don’t eat crap, don’t take crap. Don’t drown yourself in tears pitying your existence while gorging on unholy amounts of french fries.

  5. Socialise. Share your time. Share pieces of yourself. Allow kindred spirits to enter your life. Allow yourself to be treated the way you actually deserve to be. Look at yourself from someone’s else’s perspective. It’s okay to have some alone time and well defined personal space but it’s equally important to get out of your comfort zone too.

Better functioning adults than me, please feel free to add to the list. Let’s all lift each other. There’s enough in this world to pull us down. Always remember the words of one very wise, albeit forgetful, fish, “Just keep swimming!”

Stronger Than I Believe

What is strength if not me?

For I am strong

Stronger than I think

Stronger than I feel

Stronger than I would ever need to be

Do you doubt that?

Come then

Try and hurt me

Throw a punch

Physical or emotional

And we shall see

How fast I heal

While you wallow in the depths of misery

For having lost to me

and worst still

For having lost me