Behind Every Man

Lady Macbeth

Evil and vile, an almost insulting smear

Cursed for poisoning her husband’s ear

For ravage and war

Never heard of before

Then pray tell me why

She went mad

trying to clean herself of blood

Why all the perfumes of Arabia

Couldn’t sweeten her little hand

Why she went to her deathbed

Shouting “Out, damned spot!”

Why she fell and ended her pathetic ordeal

Over a feeling of guilt with which she couldn’t deal

Whereas Macbeth

Ambitious and proud

Kills his King

And the friend he held most dear

For a throne of thorns

And a short lived reign

Why he sought out the witches

Hungry for power

And died defending his ill gotten gains

And yet

“All hail Macbeth!”

Poor dear

Led astray

By a woman, I hear.

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