Close, but no cigar

I find most of social media inundated by posts titled “letters to my ex” or on a similar vein. They spell out all the reasons why a certain someone was terribly wrong for you. Ironically, this realisation, or shall we say revelation, usually comes to light only when one has moved on to another significant other who feels just right. What baffles me is how when you scroll down to the time when the posters were falling in love with their apparently toxic ex’s, they seemed deliriously happy. As much as they are with their current situation. I understand people change over time. What I don’t get is how, in retrospect, we fall victims to tunnel vision and only see faults in others. Do we forget that the wrong person was completely right for us at a certain point of time? Or are we agreeing we plunged into relationships without first knowing the person and/or analysing if they are compatible with us or not? Hundreds of similar questions pop up in my mind and I’m sure the hypocrisy, or foolishness, call it what you will, could not have escaped the notice of countless other people.

Yet, the amount of vitriol spewed everywhere is nauseating. 

So to every friendship of mine that parted ways down the line in order to be substituted for one that stood the test of time and is still going strong, to every other relationship in my life that ended only to make way for something so beautiful that I’m always at a loss for words to describe it, I am not going to say you were wrong for me or I regret being with you. I get that we could have made it past the finish line but we fell short. While the current “we” won the race, you were a close and well deserving second.

I’m going to sum it all up by saying – Close, but no cigar.

What do you feel about failed relationships in your life? Are you still in touch? Are you civil towards each other or is there a lot of resentment? Do you think my approach makes sense? Let me know in the comments down below!


Of mountains and burdens

We’re six months into this year now. Phew! Time really does fly when you ain’t looking. I’ve been seeing a lot of people reviewing this time or putting up posts about what they’ve learnt during the first half of this year. This got me thinking. I recalled a little post I’d written in January and realised it would still be pertinent today. It is a piece of learning that is a continuous process so I thought of sharing it again with you all. It is a journey into self assessment with an empowering route to realising self worth. Please give it a read below.

Moonlighting Scrivener

“These mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb” – Najwa Zebian

Who amongst us has not felt the weight of the world laying on our fragile shoulders? Oh Atlas, I wish you could see how many kindred souls you have!

It is time to jettison all the extra burden that we have self-imposed on ourselves. Yes, self-imposed. No, no, you heard me right.

I agree we live in a fiercely competitive dog eat dog world in present times. No one is spared from an ever present, all consuming pressure to perform. Right from toddlers participating in fancy dress competitions in pre-school, to high-school students scrambling to be popular and cool, to suicide attempts on failing entrance exams, to attaining promotions over all other colleagues, the list is endless. Expectations from parents, from the world, peer-pressure, everything demands of us to excel, to be beyondSuccessful. There…

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