The Gallows

In the surrounding, resounding cacophony

Her lone, dissenting voice was unceremoniously drowned out.

No one wondered, no one cared

Whether she had an opinion to air.

Discussions were taking place

Left, right and centre

Yet, no word of consolation

To her did they deign to render.

She waited with bated breath

For someone to atleast take a break

So she could maybe get a word in

And tear through the deafening din.

She implored with her big eyes

Holding back the gushing tears

She begged with folded hands

While struggling to still stand.

With a flourish and a stroke

They penned down their decision

Her acceptance was deemed to be

A foregone conclusion.

It was her life!

Her life!

That was on the agenda

And she had no say

Because of her gender.

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