Do one thing today that makes you happy but you’ve been putting off since forever due to paucity of time.

Do one thing today that’s good for your body – be it hydrating every hour, a quick walk round the block or standing while working. Any thing that could make a difference to your sedentary routine.

Do one thing today that grounds your mental stability. You could meditate, take a power nap, chat with a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with, watch a hilarious movie with family, or treat yourself to some hot chocolate while listening to your guilty pleasure playlist.

Do it. Remind yourself who it’s for and why caring for yourself is alright.

Do something for yourself today and let me know. Then see yourself inspiring others like the wonderful person that you are!


Sensory Overload

November nights have never been this cold before

Nor winter’s silence so profound

Never before have faraway sounds carried through so clearly

Jarring me awake more often than not

Nor has sleep come so heavily for me

Waking up, an entire struggle of its own

I wonder if there’s more to this than meets the eye

Or simply that I’m noticing more

Or maybe even feeling again after a numbness which had dragged on for years

Is this November different for you too?