A moth To a flame Is much …

A moth To a flame Is much …

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A beautiful piece of poetry! Do read.



In the best of cases

You’d be alive

Without victories under your belt

And feathers in your cap

Rich, for your experiences

Richer, for your successes

Richer still, for all your failures

Better now

Than when you started

Hopelessness’ despair

You’d have thwarted

So do it

Give it your all

Take life by the horns


In the worst of cases

You’d be alive

With more than a breath left in you

I Think Therefore I am

My reputation

is no more nor less

than your feelings towards me

More about you, really

than me

My character


is my sense of self

You may besmirch my reputation

smear my name with mud

relegate it into oblivion

Yet, you can only wish

you could lay a finger

on the pristiness of me

Because thoughts maketh a woman

Mine, not yours


It has been rightly said

I think therefore I am

and I am what I think.

Meet and Greet #1

Hello, my beauties! I realise it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down to talk with you, one on one, that is. Except, of course, to ask really pressing questions about proper skin care. I love how you rallied behind water, the true elixir of life, and solved my problem in a jiffy! I am eternally grateful.

Another thing I am really thankful for is the recent upsurge in the number of followers on this blog. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to have people from across the world take out valuable time to read my writings and be kind enough to drop a thoughtful comment. It is a beautiful lesson in humility for me. I will never be able to thank you enough.

However, this recent trend also made me think how little I know of you and vice versa. My ‘about’ page is way out of date. Sadly, I am also unable to read as many blogs as I would like to.

So, I’ve tried to come up with a solution to this conundrum. Let’s treat this post as a little meet and greet, shall we? Would you be game for it and leave a comment telling me a little something about yourself? Nothing highly revealing or personal (in the nature of details). Just a tiny insight into what passions drive you, what you find to be most interesting, what you like to read/write about, etc. Also, you, in turn, can ask me something if you want. Just remember to keep it clean and casual. I hope the ones who participate will also be kind enough to visit the blogs from other comments on this post. If there happen to be any, that is (trust me to always be overly optimistic, duh!).

That’s all for now. I hope to hear from you soon!

As always, thank you for reading.



Oh, to be Young and in Love

Do you still remember what it felt like

to fall in love for the very first time

that first flutter of butterfly wings

in the pit of your tummy

that heady dizziness

ready to knock you off your feet

and that never-ending smile

truly, it could go on for miles

Alas, to be relegated to a nagging feeling of wariness

for every other time of love

for now you approach it with caution

in the knowledge that it just might be fleeting

and you miss the magic more often than not

feeding the wretched mistress irony

I think dear ol’ Dumbledore had it pegged right enough

for he knew what he meant, with that twinkle in his eye

when he exclaimed

“oh, to be young and to feel love’s keen sting!”

To Do or Not to Do – What’s the proper way of skincare?

I don’t own a lot of cosmetics. Frankly, even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’m more of a lightly kohl-lined eyes and a tinted lip balm kind of girl. Not that I have anything against makeup. I just never felt any need for it. So, when countless tutorials pop up as YouTube ads, and hordes of fashion and lifestyle influencers vouch for the virtues of a newly launched product, I feel slightly intimidated and subdued. Most of all, I feel if there was something I haven’t been doing that I absolutely should have been! Am I letting my skin die? Am I letting my body down? Do I need to develop a night-time ritual and a day-time one? Do I need to go the parlour more often? How much moisturising is enough moisturizing?

And answers I have none. So if any of you would be so kind as to solve my dilemma, I’d be eternally grateful. If you’ve used products for skin care or have home remedies for common skin and body ailments as well as preventive measures, please drop your valuable insight in the comments section down below. You’d be saving a girl!

Remember, real queens fix each other’s crowns!

Thank you.

P.S. – I can see you liking the post but I don’t see any comments, sirs and ma’ams. Get on on it, pretty please?


If you could go back in time

And undo just one thing in your past

What would it be, dear?

Would you clear up your deepest regret


Would you overcome your greatest fear


Have you lived a life so well loved

That the future, present and past

Are all merged and submerged

Into a whirl of beautiful colours

And you’d sit back

And watch

The kaleidoscope of life

Spinning a riveting tale

That no dark clouds could ever taint

Or would you stare on

At a canvas blank

Still begging for its first ever

Splattering or paint.


It is in the nature of men

To covet the unrequited

And to discard an easy gain

Life itself reads like a game

A little sorrow

A whole lot of pain

Yet human spirit perseveres

After what it most desires

Little realising

That the best things

Come as rewards for our endurance

Picked up along the way

And we belittle them

Thinking of god-sends as an easy lay.


Once again I walk beneath grey skies

eyes hunting for shiny, smooth pebbles

trying to recreate those very ripples

that your throws used to make

while I watched in wonder and amazement

not just at the beauty of nature

not just at the flow of energy

not just at the pleasing sound it made

but the sinewy contours of your arms

the flexing of your muscles

as you arched your head back

and twirled and smiled

I remember the crinkle of your eyes

when you laughed at my failed attempts at copying your feat

I would fail a million times

for just a glimpse of your face again

I made a mistake

an irreparable, irrevocable one at that

And yet

I hope

I will get to take a walk with you again

under light grey skies

along a jagged shoreline

hand in hand

and throw pebbles and stones

and laugh


so that the clouds above

would burst open in joy

and I’d share a dance with you

in the downpour

But for now

I’m left only with barren grey skies

and a deluge of guilt.


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