Micro Poetry #21

Words evade me

With a mind on overdrive

I’ve lost the will to write

Feelings consume me

Making me too alive

A dulling of senses

Is a much needed respite


At First Sight

When we collided

Round the corner of the street

I swear

Your eyes and my heart colluded

To buckle my knees

While my mind beat a hasty retreat

Which, my dear, is no ordinary feat

Why A Poet #10

And in that very moment

I learnt

What it meant

To grow up

You see

It comprises

A lot of unspoken words

A few unkept promises

A dozen unshed tears

Some silent screams

And a hope

The hope

That life goes on

And in the end

It’ll all make sense

Even if it doesn’t

It’ll be a worthwhile ride

For sometimes

The journey

Is its own reward

And, hence,

I’ve decided

To write some more.

The Legend of Cleopatra

Cleopatra was to Antony

What Cleopatra was to Caesar

Call her what you may

She neither hid her true colours

Nor mask her very feathers

Her talons, indiscriminately sharp

For every single prey

So tell me

My dear

If there’d ever be a day

When you’d actually do

What you always say

Or will you make me rue

Yet again the moment

At which your path

Crossed my way?

Of Simpler Times

I remember a time

When everything was much simpler

Smiles were freer

Frowns were fewer

Never ever shedding a tear

I could count on my fingers

Everything I held dear

Without a single fear

Days were somewhat shorter

Yet joyous moments tended to last longer

Nights were a tad cooler

Windows left open

Just like our hearts

Which were, of course, fuller

And gladder

I remember a time

When things were much simpler


Have I just been dreaming?

Hello, my lovelies!

It’s been a minute since we last spoke. I was just wondering how everyone’s doing. Please do let me know! And I hope we can all look forward to better days ahead.

In other news, how lovely are these flowers (featured image) which I came across during a walk. Mother Nature does shows off at times and how!

As always, thank you for reading.



Love Happens?

I’m the girl who wants to go short

When she has long hair

And desperately wishes for long hair

As soon as she chops them off

I’m the girl who wants tea

And coffee


At the same time

Steaming hot

But blown cold with every sip

Buyer’s regret

After days of meticulous research and planning

The instant my card is swiped

Is a very real thing

I believe in loving yourself for who you are

Yet constantly striving to do so much better and bigger

I’m a proven juxtaposition

Of paradoxes

I am fire, I am snow

And you tell me

That love will just happen to me one day?

It’ll pop up like a jack-in-the-box and take me unawares?

It’ll grow on me when I least expect it?

It’ll reaffirm itself

When I see no scope for hope?

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Because it doesn’t matter how you fall in love

It matters that you do

It doesn’t matter why you start to love

What matters is that it stays.

And Now Our Watch Has Ended

We climbed dizzyingly high towers

Along with Bran the Broken

And with the fall that ensued

We learnt to let go

And soared up to fly

Rickon, early in his years as he may have been

Still taught us that the straightest of paths

Might not always be the best

Arya, showed us that knitting

Is not all that needles could do

And while sticking ’em with the pointy end

We ward off the God of Death

And say

Not Today

Sansa had to lose it all

To find herself

And realise

That family is what matters

The rest is all mirrors and lies

For Robb we shed a tear

As it’s been difficult to bear

That the path of the righteous

Is not always right

And honourable men like his father

Pay for others’ sins

Jon, and his best kept secret

Showed us what we think

Of ourselves and our humble origins

Are small matters when compared

To what we’re destined to be

We love some, we lose some

And we even kill the ones we love

For there’s a greater good which stands to reason

Up high above

And dear Dany

As a parallel

Shows us the very opposite

Walking the path forged for her by birth

She lost sight of what was proper and fit

A folklore

A fantasy

Mythical creatures

And legends all

Came to life

And died

In front of our very eyes

Each precious, each ugly

Yet loved all the same

A song of ice and fire

Shows us how different we can all be

But in playing the game of thrones

We find our heart’s true desire