A Christmas Miracle

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And I was alone in a strange city

Scrolling through Insta stories

Living vicariously

Such happy, holiday pictures

What magnificent plans

Everyone had stepped out for Christmas

But that wasn’t meant for me

I snuggled further inside my blanket

Stretching my toes a tad

The night before Christmas

Would be the only miracle I had

I’ll wake up tomorrow morning with an unfilled stocking

No gift tucked under my pillow

And no screams of heady delight


I’ll be alright

Because the miracle of Christmas

Isn’t in the gifts, the tree or the plans

It’s the strength to wake up

On Christmas morning

Ready to face the world anew.

This Christmas let’s remember the ones without family, the ones away from home, the ones who can’t afford gifts, or even a makeshift home. To each and every one of you, I wish the very best. We’ll all get through it together, bit by bit. And always know that the doors to my home and heart are always open – if there’s anything you’re struggling with, please don’t hesitate to drop me a word at varnikajain92@gmail.com. I promise to listen, to love and to bring back a smile.

I hope you all have a very, merry Christmas!




Tell me not in mournful numbers

It dawns on you

All of a sudden

Like the brightness of a quick, summer day

It passes you by

Through sleep laden eyes

In the lazy, hazy afternoons of youth

It comes to you

Under a starlight sky

When the moon decides to hide

Behind a curtain of silvery fluff

As you sit beside your fireplace

Warming your hands

Resting in your favourite armchair

With your feet propped up on a fading ottoman

And little kids, resembling you, hanging on to your every word

Yes, it’s true

Life passes you by

Little by little

And then a lot

While you’re too busy

To spare it a passing thought.

Hello, my lovelies!

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken with you. How have you been? I wish you a very, merry Christmas and the best of tidings for a prosperous new year! I hope this festive season and joyful spirit is the best you’ve had till now but the least of the ones to come. Spread a little cheer around, will you?

See you next year, my loves 😘.

As always,

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes,


What Do You Think? Feat. Travel Diaries and Blog Update (Maybe)

Hi Fam!

Remember I told you I’ll be traveling overseas for Christmas and New Year’s? (In case you don’t, click here) Well, I am incredibly excited. Not in the least because it’ll be a white Christmas and that I’d get to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

However, fret not. I won’t leave without scheduling regular posts for you. Please forgive me if I my replies to you come slightly late though.

Moving on to why the title of this post has been so titled- I was wondering if you’d be interested in a ‘travel with me’ series? I’ll be covering London, Glasgow and Edinburgh over a span of 10 days. I’d be delighted to put together a montage of pictures and my wondrous experiences out here for you only, of course, if enough of you are interested. Now, I’m hopeless at taking aesthetic pictures but my little cousin is a pro with the camera! Plus she’s almost done with her masters in fine arts so we all just make her edit anything that doesn’t come out quite right. Moreover, you can be sure she’ll sneak in some goofy, embarrassing pictures of me too in the mix.

(I know you’re all here for the poems, really, and are wishing I would just shut up. *wink wink* I’m onto you! )

But, tough luck.

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Finally, a White Christmas (#Blogmas 1)

Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken with you (discounting the ramblings of my heart seeping through poems). So here I am today. November has been a long and arduous month. I couldn’t be more glad that it’s over. December’s here! Finally! It’s my second favourite month of the year. I’m partial towards January because, hello, birthday month!

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I lit up like a Christmas tree.

Why? Remains a mystery.

Was it because you smiled at me?

Or did you set my heart free?

I could feel a flutter,

For sure?

Or was it just a further lure?

Can I call you out on your bluff?

Or am I blinded by all the fluff?

Aargh, all this thinking is so tough!

I wish I had a plan and not a sketch this rough.

In your eyes I can see I am still alight

Would you please just hold on tight?

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Picture Credits: Shivani Gupta