Blogmas Day 18 : Small Act of Kindness

I find it absolutely baffling how not a single one of you has chastised me for abandoning my blogmas series after merely two posts. Hello, do we not hold each other accountable in the blogosphere anymore? I rely on you to pull me up, people! (but honestly, please don’t come at me for my erratic scheduling of posts because you know your girl writes in random bursts and I cherish all the patience and support you shower on me)

Anyhoo, while I am finding it very difficult to spread Christmas cheer this year with so many families having suffered tragic losses and undergoing unsurmountable struggles, I think that’s what makes it all the more important. My heart goes out to each and every person who’s not doing so well, for whatever reason – I hope things start looking up for you soon.

For those who have been fortunate like me and not been affected much individually by the pandemic (I am at home, surrounded by family with the privilege of being able to work from home with no pay cut), I have a request to make of you today. With a few days left till Christmas, let us make someone’s days a little brighter? Can we please become a self-appointed secret Santa for someone this year? It need not even be a gift, just an act of kindness, maybe?

If you do undertake this exercise, can I also please bother you to come back and comment on this post?Not to brag or boast but just to encourage another to follow suit? I feel we can really make a difference, what do you think?

I’ll go first. I started my day by sending some comfort food and Harry Potter related products (a bag, some warm, fluffy socks and a travel mug) to a friend’s sister who’s been struggling with depression and crippling anxiety and has had a really tough time this year. While it wasn’t much, she smiled so wide at being showered with gifts and was so grateful for the thought that was put into curating them. It barely took 20 minutes of my time but the call I got from her sister (my friend) thanking me for looking after her big baby (she has a daughter of her own) while she’s stuck in another city all alone brought tears to my eyes. I repeat, I feel we really can make a difference, without knowing how much one small act can affect another person.

So, one small act of kindness is what I ask of each one of us. Don’t let me down, please?


The Show Must Go On

Of all the stages that life could be

It turned out to be that of a drama theatre

It’s only saving grace is that

You could play the role you’re given

Or portray what you were meant to be

Or go completely offscript

And do a one man, one scene, one act play

Enthral, entrance, enchant your way

Through a powerful soliloquy

Yes, life is but a drama stage

That you alone can bring to life

So carry on, mon cheri,

Bask in the spotlight

And maybe do an encore

Before the curtain falls

Blogmas Day 2 : Balancing Act

I don’t know about you lot but almost everyone I’ve spoken with has unanimously agreed that work from home has blurred all lines between office and personal space, time and demands. Somehow, we’re all always on the clock these days. Work can come in at any odd hour and be expected to be turned around in the next couple of hours with complete impunity.

Because what else could one rather be doing. Granted, our social lives have gone to the dogs. But we still have a life nevertheless.

So today I just want to remind you to hit pause, take stock and draw boundaries once more. Separate the different aspects of your life and effectively compartmentalise them. Neither should overstep, overlap or overwhelm the other. Limit the exposure your work and colleagues have on your time and mindspace. However, also be mindful that your personal comfort is not negatively affecting your work either. (Sitting on our bed and working in our PJs is the only acceptable intermingling, in my opinion)

The flexibility that we have these days to work in pockets of time of our choosing, without having to waste even a second on long commutes or getting dressed is also a blessing in disguise (the above paragraphs not withstanding). It gives us the freedom to indulge in self care, the least of which is rekindling a lost passion or hobby.

I’ve taken up art these days. Mandalas, to be more specific. I find it to be therapeutic and meditative. I also work out most days and have enough spare time to update my favourite playlists. All this despite feeling like I’ve been working every second I’ve been awake every day.

Balance, my friends, is the key. Remember to separate your interests and then balance them. It’s alright if the scales are sometimes skewed as long as equilibrium isn’t too far out of reach.


Blogmas Day 1 : Of Living and Loving

Happy first day of the last month of the year. And oh, what a year this has been. A lot of what it brought along was entirely unwelcome, yet there’s a lot to be grateful for.

So while this year comes to an end soon, it’s important to remember that we have no inkling of what the next one holds (other than the hope that it’s very different and the pandemic would no longer exist). It behoves us to be slow down and be more mindful of our blessings, chief of which are our loved ones’ health and happiness. Check in on your tribe.

If nothing more, this year has been instrumental in reminding us of what really matters and what we hold most dear. So go hold them, cherish them, nurture them and love them.

Live a little, love a lot. Isn’t that a very generous thought?