I Dare You

If pain was all there ever was

Would you still dare to love?

If darkness was all you’d ever known

Would you still dare to flip the switch?

If despair was all you’d ever felt

Would you still dare to hope?

If failure was the only road ahead

Would you still dare to take a step?

If nightmares were all you’d ever seen

Would you still dare to dream?

If I were the only reward

Would you still dare to care?




If you’re ever in the market

For a forever kind of love

Remember to pay the piper

And beware his shove

If you’re ever in the market

For a loyal kind of friend

Remember to sharpen your back

Or over a knife you’d have to bend

If you’re ever in the market

For happiness and delight

Remember to close your windows

Before it’s the middle of the night

If you’re ever in the market

For some soul stirring poetry

Remember I like to have cupcakes with my unsweetened tea

Goodnight and Goodbye?

The wind is changing its course tonight

The trees, of course, are dancing in delight

Their branches, unfettered, sway against my window

Throwing mesmerising patterns on the wall behind

And I, as usual, sit speechless

Completely mesmerised

So forgive me if I do not pay heed

To your every whim, fancy and need

For the wind is changing it’s course tonight

And, I’ve found the courage to do what’s right

Off Season

Winter has overstayed its welcome this year

Spring, a tad too late to bloom

Summer seems to be crawling in

Almost too apprehensive to arrive

And why not

Who was there to embrace the morning sun

and bid adieu to cold nights

What children ran around in gardens

Joyfully counting multi hued petals

And would an ice cream man

Drive his truck down weary lanes

Would its tinkling bell still be

followed by the pattering of tiny feet

It is as if Mother Nature knows

that humanity is hurting this year

So she’s closed up shop and is staying home

To give us time to heal and recover

And all we’re left with

Are thunderstorms

And off-season rain

Showcasing the gloom within

Trying to dull the pain

God’s Gambit

The best laid plans

Have an uncanny knack

Of somehow going awry

Right at the edge of the finish line

The trophy glistening within your sight

It’s a losing gamble, yes

This thing ominously called life

For as long as we’re living

We’re fighting a losing fight

Struggling to keep up every second

Playing against the odds

And when we die

It’s all completely lost

The numerous battles and the larger war

Because God

Oh, He doesn’t just play dice

He plays dice with Rubik’s cubes

(The last lines belong to Robin, who’s recent piece was an inspiration for this post. Please do check out his blog, it’s quite intriguing!)

An Ode to the Bicentennial Man

There was a scientific precision to everything he did

A conscious moderation in all effort and investment

Every movement was pre-calculated

Every morning he was recalibrated

He chose his words with carefulness

He spent his emotions with thoughtfulness

Methodical, almost to a fault (not)

Truthful, as if by default

Yet he activated a unique mode to be romantic

You could say he was somewhat far from robotic

All he was disappointed in about himself

Was an organ called the heart

For it strummed to a tune of its own

And instead of a mechanical whirring

It went lubb dubb

And to add insult to such injury

It sometimes even skipped a beat

Oh what loathsome effrontery!

Create, don’t hate! The poem that kept getting posted and deleted

I ran into some internet problems and the same poem got posted 5 times! And then all got deleted too. If you’d been kind enough to like it the first time, please also like the version linked below. Apologies for the inconvenience.

They say create something new In order to mend what’s broken Now I sit here cross legged In the middle of a room Surrounded by all these pieces of …

Create, don’t hate!

Create, don’t hate!

They say create something new

In order to mend what’s broken

Now I sit here cross legged

In the middle of a room

Surrounded by all these pieces of art

Which my heart has bled onto

I’ve drawn a pair of teary eyes

I’ve sketched a hedge of prickly thorns

I’ve painted a castle of crumbling bricks

I’ve sculpted a bust of wobbly shapes

I’ve created

And hated

And moulded my pain

And in doing so

I might have done some embroidery too

Because I can see in my mind clear as day

The pieces of a broken heart

Sewn together with threads of art

Keeping up with Quarantine

Ups and downs

Highs and lows

Days and nights

All merge into one

Work and leisure

Pain and pleasure

Have all ended up acquiring

The same corporeal form

Latent talents

Open laziness

Bouts of momentum

Spells of inertia

Privileged to be loved and safe

Heartbroken for the rest

No end seems to be in sight

What will be this century’s respite

Holding on for dear life

Happy to be alive

Happy to be alive?