Mandala Meditations

I find it difficult to meditate the conventional way. Although I am striving to get there. The importance of meditation is not lost on me, especially in the midst of a nationwide surge in covid cases with everyone I know being either infected or having lost a loved one. The news coming in from all quarters is depressing, the messages coming in from family and friends are overwhelming. The mental stability, understandably, is barely hanging in there.

So I did what I could do to focus my attention away from all of it, if only for a little while. And I made art. I’m not sure if it meets all the standards of being art, but for me it is.

The repeated motions of drawing this mandala stack, the craning of the mind to come up with patterns, the precision required to execute the intricacies of it all was calming and therapeutic.

So here’s my little attempt at self care. I’d love to know what you do to ground yourself and your emotions? I’m looking for ideas. And I’m here to talk, if you need a sounding board.



9 thoughts on “Mandala Meditations

  1. I can truely resonate with what you said. Mandala is truely a form of meditation for me too. I guess there is a scientific reason behind it too, as it really calm our nerves. So ya it is a form of meditation for me too like a creative meditation

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  2. Interesting about meditation, I’ve only got any benefit from it whilst taking some kind of psychotropic medication :). Otherwise like you it has to be something proactive. Cleaning for example is a great one since it boosts dopamine and serotonin. Exercise in general is better than any meditation

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    1. Sorry for taking so long in replying to your comment. Things have been hectic and trying at the home front.
      I’m not so sure about the benefits of psychotropic medication, having never tried them – exercise is another form of meditation for me. Like you said, it releases the happy hormones and eases stress from our bodies. But some sort of mental focusing, be it cleaning or yoga or just sitting calmly with your thoughts is also needed to centre your energy and ground your mind. I find walking alone as a great way to combine the two – physical activity and organising my innermost thoughts.


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve never been able to doodle outside of lecture halls 🙈. Would love to give it a shot though. Would you be able to suggest a good starting point?


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