A few of my favourite words

Home – a noun, a place, a pet, a person

Love – a noun and a verb, a feeling, a blur, a butterfly, a happiness, a heartbreak, a skipped beat, a life

Sorrow – a moment, fleeting, a temporary emotion, a lapse, a regret, a hurdle, overcome

Hope – an emotion, illogical, a wishful thought, a dream to hang onto, a force, a reckoning, a silver lining, a friend

Happiness – you create for yourself, a building block, a foundation, a motto, a theme, well-lived, well-loved, well-laughed

I tried something different today. I feel it’s still poetry. Tell me your thoughts on it, please? I’d love to see your interpretation of this piece. And maybe make such lists a regular feature.

6 thoughts on “A few of my favourite words

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