Self Care Manual for Dummies Like Me

Gentle reminder and heartfelt plea for you to add to the list. I made this last year and then 2020 happened, so..

Moonlighting Scrivener

  1. Sleep early and sleep enough. Every night, for instance.

  2. Being bored is not equal to feeling hungry. Portion your meals and have them on time.

  3. Workout for 30 minutes (minimum) daily. Not for a summer or bikini bod but for a long, healthy life.

  4. Your body is a temple and your mind its reigning deity. Monitor what you consume, both physically and emotionally. Don’t eat crap, don’t take crap. Don’t drown yourself in tears pitying your existence while gorging on unholy amounts of french fries.

  5. Socialise. Share your time. Share pieces of yourself. Allow kindred spirits to enter your life. Allow yourself to be treated the way you actually deserve to be. Look at yourself from someone’s else’s perspective. It’s okay to have some alone time and well defined personal space but it’s equally important to get out of your comfort zone too.

Better functioning adults than me, please feel…

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13 thoughts on “Self Care Manual for Dummies Like Me

  1. This is oddly really inspiring! I’m actually new here and was wondering if you guys could check out my page and give it a follow, like, or even just some feedback. Have a great day!

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  2. “Being bored is not equal to feeling hungry.”

    Haha, they are very distinct feelings. I don’t even enjoy eating when not hungry. But when I am hungry, oh man it’s the greatest of joys! I feel lucky for that because I’d never consider eating just because I am bored. But I’ve also been told that it’s because I’ve maintained good diet principles for so long. But I’m also unusually-sensitive to sensations in my body. Anyway I find the differing ways in which hunger is perceived to be interesting, considering it’s such a basic and important instinct.

    Your list is also in a good rough order of priority.

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      1. Hahahaah, badass! I did, however, balloon out a bit but got back in shape within a year. Mostly because I value my health and want to be fit instead of chasing numbers on the weighing scales. Pessimists have been silenced 😉


    1. Ah, you’re the lucky few who can distinguish between boredom and hunger and also hunger induced anger (it’s called being hangry).
      Good diet principles are so important for our overall well-being! But yes, hunger has various manifestations and is treated (sometimes welcomed, other times unwelcome) in as many varieties of ways. Here’s wishing each of us can find a healthy equilibrium.

      Thank you, would you have anything to add to the list?

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      1. “Ah, you’re the lucky few who can distinguish between boredom and hunger ”

        Haha! Really…? That seems mad to me lol. Haha I don’t actually get hangry, but I do get hanxious! I really cannot focus for long once I’m hungry. It’s all about regular doses of protein, and water, for me!

        Ohhh! I’d add something for the mind— making sure that you’re keeping your brain exercised. Juggling is a great one for improving your coordination and balance. It really does help! And it’s soo fun. Making sure that you’re learning. Learning is a great self-esteem booster too. Or you could substitute any of that with being creative.

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      2. I always felt this intuitively and balanced my diet accordingly, but I read/once about protein having a ‘grounding’ effect on you— since I heard that description I’ve had a good way to put it into words. Regular doses of protein from different sources is so important for mood, mood stability and brain functioning.

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