Soul-Care Routine

Instagram is full of one influencer after the other pushing their favourite skincare routine towards you. A few spread the cheer by sharing their workout routines. And some share their quarantine diets.

All helpful, all well received. However, my recent break from social media and the constant, ceaseless demands on my attention showed me quite starkly how we lack a soul care routine. Atleast in myself I had could vividly notice a very drone like, robotic existence. On schedule, yes, but fulfilling? Oh hell no. I’d wake up, workout out, sit down to work from home, take a break for lunch, continue working till the evening, workout once more, watch the telly or read a book and then off to sleep I went.

In this well rounded, healthy routine was there even a minute that I took out for myself? To spend time in my own company? To pause, unwind, decipher and declutter my mind and to let go of all the stress weighing on it? No. Not even a second.

So today I’m embarking on a new routine. The soul-care routine. A cleansing, workout and healthy diet is the order of the day for my soul and mind too. And maybe, I’d unlearn and relearn myself in the process.

But more importantly, will you?


18 thoughts on “Soul-Care Routine

  1. πŸ’™. I relate to this. Regular human contact is an important part of it, too, as much as the personal soul-care stuff. For me I reached a point of isolation where no amount of soul-care could make up for the lack of connecting with other souls. It can be tricky to decipher these factors and which is the limiting one at any given time. But at the same time, these periods of soul-care are precisely when you’re able to figure those out.

    That’s great that you were able to take a break and experience freedom from it! Getting a true outside perspective on it is important. What are your thoughts about going back to it?

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    1. Oh yes, I think we have all been craving actual human contact (more than sharing memes, I mean). But until then, we shouldn’t lose sight of the human we are actually in touch with, our own self. And these conscious spells of soul care really do help in figuring out where my mind and heart are at. Where,whom and what do I need to invest my energy, time and emotions in. These moments have been quite revealing and I’m thankful I took the time to converse with myself instead of functioning mindlessly on auto-pilot.

      My thoughts on getting back to it is by adopting a conscious as calibrated manner. I still want to limit my screen time so as to not needlessly strain my eyes and mind. So I’ll allot some time in the day to scroll through social media, but limit it to things of actual interest to me like poetry, art and science rather than letting my feed dictate it to me. I’ll also keep some time to check in on friends and family but I’d now prefer to make calls rather than send texts. This is what I’ve thought of till now.

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      1. That’s awesome. I also reached the same conclusion about calls over texts! In fact there’s a clear order of priority:

        β€”In-person contact
        β€”Video call
        β€”Voice call

        As you go up the list, the method of communication becomes more expressive and more satisfying/connecting. And too much text/social media contact makes people less motivated to call or to meet up in person. There is also some science which matches up with this actually.

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          1. Very true. It’s dang simple to start arguments over texts just because one misread/misinterpreted the tone of the other’s text. Texts are for when you cannot call but need to convey something. Short and sweet. RIP SMS, you were the real deal.

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