Betrayals of Happiness

Why does being happy today feel almost like a betrayal – of all the times I’ve cried before, of all the hurt I’ve suffered, of all the pain I’ve borne till date, of all the wounds I’ve secretly bandaged and of all the aches I’ve nursed.

Why is it that when you’ve walked through fire it’s only burning embers that give you solace? Why can you not breathe freely unless the air is filled with smoke? Why must you pass your time by striking matches after matches? Why should you feel the urge to snuff out candles by touching their wicks with your bare fingers?

These questions are many and answers I have none. But when being happy feels almost like a betrayal, take a minute, then go ahead and stab yourself in the back. Only then a new phase of your life would have well and truly begun.

Because, my dear, the only betrayal is to not be happy instead.


13 thoughts on “Betrayals of Happiness

  1. I totally understand the feeling! Especially right now that I am starting to feel like I actually am healed from some recent events in my life. I am feeling more like myself again and maybe, dare I say, happy at times. Yet it feels out of place sometimes. It could be some type of impostor syndrome or something haha

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I feel validated now. I hope you get used to being happy soon and it becomes your new normal! Also, I am glad you’re healing. Drop by for a chat any time you want to lighten your load ❤️

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      1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my comment, it means a lot! ♥ It’s definitely going to take some time to get used to but I will be okay. I’m finally going to start doing things that really make me feel alive and that will greatly help too 🙂

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          1. Yes! I’m super excited about that! Hehe It might take a while to get right but I’m really hoping to get a single at least ready this month. I’m also working on opening and etsy shop and having my own little art business so I’m super busy and happy 🌈

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            1. Oh you make art as well. So multi-talented! I’m so glad to make your acquaintance. Looking forward to your music and etsy store! I can neither sing nor make anything look pretty except for simple mandalas. But I sure know how to appreciate them. Would love to be one of your first customers.

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              1. Jeez, that would make my day! Make sure to keep an eye out on my blog for the big update then 😉 I might announce it earlier on my Instagram so if you have an account you could also follow me there @chloerivsart ❤

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