Micro Poetry #21

Words evade me

With a mind on overdrive

I’ve lost the will to write

Feelings consume me

Making me too alive

A dulling of senses

Is a much needed respite

6 thoughts on “Micro Poetry #21

      1. I’m doing ok.Its summer break for my son so spending time with him and catching up in poetry reading in late odd hours.
        I’m feeling the same today so your poem spoke to me.You not being part of the GDG anymore makes me feel so disconnected from you.

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        1. Oh, summer breaks are the best! I wish adults could have them too.
          I hope this feeling passes soon, for both of us. GDG and all the other collectives got too much for me at a point of time, I even abandoned my blog for a bit and have been struggling to write. I don’t want to make a commitment and not deliver on it so still contemplating what to reply on the group mail. I do want to get involved again though. Most importantly, I’d love to reconnect and then stay connected with you. ❤️


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