Why A Poet Series Introduction – Long Time Coming

There’s a question I’ve been asked more times than I can fairly remember. Why poetry?

Honestly, I’m always at a loss to answer that. There’s no reason. There are a hundred reasons. It’s an emotion. It’s a vocation. It’s a compulsion. It’s a combustion. Where do I even begin. Where do I end, if there ever is an end to this explanation. And thus, I’m rendered dumb. Every single time.

So, I did what I do best. I wrote it down. Bit by bit. In multiple pieces. It’s still a work in progress. But I believe there’s decent amount of words out there to officially introduce you to my series titled “Why A Poet?”. I’m linking the published works down below. Hopefully, I’ll keep updating this list as and when new pieces are written.

All I can say is that it’s a patchwork quilt of mismatched squares. I can only hope it provides you with enough warmth though.

Here goes nothing (just kidding, please be kind!) –

  1. Why A Poet
  2. Why A Poet #2
  3. Why A Poet #3
  4. Why A Poet #4
  5. Why A Poet #5
  6. Why A Poet #6
  7. Why A Poet #7
  8. Why A Poet #8

Let me know what you think, please?

And your own thoughts on why poetry? Be it to write or to read or to just feel and imbibe? I’d love to know!




15 thoughts on “Why A Poet Series Introduction – Long Time Coming

  1. I love these. Poetry has always been the way in which I can express myself the best. It captures every emotion and it’s always like my thoughts are being painted through words that just kind of fall out from my head. It’s my favorite thing to do.

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  2. First, to reread the poems (and, well, one article too) in this series was refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Second, you should most certainly continue on, and I really think this will make an excellent collected work in eBook, booklet and/or book form! (And I look forward to purchasing a copy!!!) Finally, “why poetry?” is an intriguing, soul-searching question both poets and readers have asked down through the centuries with many varied answers, but … I think one important reason poetry ever sprang from the human heart and imagination was because the nature of poetry allows one to say so very much of such depth and variation in a way ~ oftentimes intricate and oh-so subtle ~ that one simply cannot say adequately in prose. Poetry, at its best, is like a finely woven, beautiful, even mesmerizing tapestry … or a full-on symphony orchestra, all in written words, and nothing else can really compare except, perhaps, the other arts such as song and dance, and paint on canvas, and such. Yes, it is art that speaks from the human spirit to the human spirit, while at the same time somehow transcending humanity into the heavenlies. And this, I think, is part of the promise of poetry, that it carries us where we otherwise could not go and even on beyond that, transforming us constantly, remaking and reshaping our lives in an ongoing, enriching experience we never have to stop enjoying.

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    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you so very much for writing these words! A little more motivation and I just might publish something 😅.
      I love who beautifully you’ve phrased this poetry “carries us where we otherwise could not go and even beyond that..”. So lovely, apt and soul-stirring. ❤️

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  3. It has become a duty
    To write of pain
    To paint the laughter
    To try make somethings plain
    To be free like the wind
    Or be freeier like the ocean
    That goes to and fro upon its form
    Like a poet who knows not
    What it’s like to write
    But writes anyway
    For duty’s sake.

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