Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market – the EU Controversy Explained

Here’s why the internet could potentially have broken!

Till a month ago, the world waited with bated breath as members of the European Parliament contemplated a proposed directive to herald a new Copyright Law within the European Union. This Directive aims to create a digital single market and has been named as such. However, the proposal has been a hotbed for controversy right since its very inception in 2016. While many advocate both for and against its enforcement, not all understand why so many open letters were written to the Parliament, especially by internet giants like Wikipedia and why Facebook and Google staunchly opposed it as well. On the other hand, stalwarts of the entertainment industry, especially sound and music, were vehemently in favour of the law. 

The Parliament, in its esteemed wisdom, did not bite the bullet and sent the proposal back for revision. It will now be tabled again in September which is but a momentary…

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7 thoughts on “Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market – the EU Controversy Explained

  1. Tell me you are a defense lawyer please, I do need one, and since I´m a poet-ry, I can be your best client, you working probono after you get out that homo…..At least it rhymed very weird, but it did rhyme!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa! 😉
    Love ya, nice read


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