The Days of Our Lives

Some days are a whirlwind

Blowing you along in a heady spin

Rolling in and rolling out

At a pace which leaves no room

For a sit down with your thoughts and moods

And then there are those

That crawl in

With a creepy feeling of foreboding

You know deep within

That they’ll take you for quite a different ride

Into your soul, into your mind and even into your heart

Searching for answers

Seeking reasons

And wondering why

Then the floodgates open

And overwhelm you

In the sinking throes of blues

Leaving the bed would only seem to add to your woes

So you bide your time

And try to see them through

Waiting to escape all the moments you’d rue

And finally welcome

With open arms

The days that bounce in

Bringing inexplicable joy

And sweep us along

Like a feather-light toy.

Hello, all you lovely people! I’ve had a weird kind of weekend, to say the least. I’ve been feeling down for no apparent reason. This was also coupled with a great amount of lethargy. Further, the weather has also been on the colder side with a generous spattering of rain. All in all, I was upset and did not know what to do with myself. I ended up eating truckloads of food and watching positively illegal amounts of Netflix. I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas, winters and snow. But I think I’ve outdone myself this time by watching almost every Christmas miracle/snowy romance movie that Netflix had to offer. They’re all beautiful, highly unrealistic but the best kind of tear jerkers. So, here I am singing carols and dreaming of a white Christmas in July (while also secretly hoping for an incognito prince to fall in love with all my eccentricities?!). Hey, don’t blame me, those movies can sure make a girl drool, swoon and dream. Just so you know, come tomorrow and I’d be denying all of this in entirety because I have a reputation of pragmatism to protect. But then again, what’s life without a little magic, right?

How has your weekend been? I’d love to know!

As always, thank you for reading.



21 thoughts on “The Days of Our Lives

  1. Dear Varnika,

    To tell you the truth my weekend has not been much different than yours with the only difference being that I watched a lot of action drama be in DareDevil or Peaky Blinders (eating truckloads of food is a constant denominator between us though). I was also feeling down though I do not know why; a lot lazy, oh yeah! Being in Pune, the weather here has also been a lot colder lately with drizzles now and then. But even though it has been beautiful, I couldn’t help feeling a little blue, well a lot actually, and I couldn’t even pin point the reason for feeling so. What best to do then? A lot of TV series episodes after episodes, tucked in the soft confines of my bed, and a lot of ordered food, a little classical music of beethoven and a little modern music of Andre Reiu along with a nice flavour of Indian songs now and then. I admit I am not a fan of the christmas miracle romance movies but I know the feeling which led you to watch that stuff (you know what I am talking about, I hope).



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    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so, so glad that you thought of opening up here. Means a lot to me. Oh, I love Daredevil and Peaky Blinders. I only turned to romance movies because I’d already watched everything worth watching. I’ve no clue why Netflix mostly has Christmas and snowy movies under that genre. I checked today, there’s a different category called “summer of love”, everything else is all snow!
      I adore your taste in music, btw. Food for the soul, indeed!
      Although I’m happy to find someone else who can also relate to what I went through, I am still sorry for the weird weekend that you’ve had. I hope things start looking up soon and you end up smiling for no reason!
      Looking forward to seeing you around here more often. Lots of love,
      Varnika. 💕

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      1. Thank you so much for the reply Varnika.
        Lately it seems that I know more about the TV series than the real world. As funny as that sounds, sometimes it makes me worry about myself. Am I turning into a sociopath? I do not know. Still, I loved the way how beautifully you expressed yourself, and then I do not know what happened and for what reason, I found myself typing a reply to your post.
        I am glad that you enjoyed yourself watching the ‘Christmas’ and ‘Snowy’ movies. I never knew that there’s a different category “summer of love” on Netflix. Which movies did you enjoy the most? Though romantic movies are not up my alley but Hey! If they make you feel good and happy, then why not! Being happy is more important. Also I’m happy you liked my taste in music, yes, food for the soul. if you ever wish to try listening to pure music may I suggest listening to “Romeo and Juliet” by Andre Reiu. Its totally violin. I don’t know why but I really love violin, way over guitar, I feel its music to strangely and so peacefully filtering inside me.
        As to finding someone else who could relate to what you went through, trust me, the feeling is mutual. smiley
        Always keep smiling.
        Lots of love,

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        1. Hahaha cannot comment on whether you’re turning into a sociopath or not. However, considering that even news items these days are centred on movie series and stars (read: sacred games; Vogue India’s hello Suhana Khan cover) I think you’re quite safe, my friend. Plus, college days aren’t meant be spent binge watching TV, consuming copious amounts of junk food and procrastinating all forms of work. I enjoy watching crime/mystery, thrillers, comedies, action, superhero movies and animated ones. I’ll definitely listen to your suggestion. The only romeo and Juliet I’d heard till now was by dire straits.
          I prefer the dulcet tones of violet over guitar any damn given day! (Personally, I think it has more class as well).
          You keep smiling too! I’m glad you find me to be a kindred spirit.
          Take care!

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          1. This made me smile 🙂.
            Reading is my favourite thing in the whole wide world.
            You’ll notice I didn’t mention romance in my preferred genres. This weekend was an abrogation. Lol, you sound like you’re nearing 50! Which PG course are you pursuing?
            I’m doing well. Just tired after a long day at work. I wouldn’t even dare to ask how you’re doing considering how busy your life is 😜.
            Thank you for your kind words. I just try to be true to myself 🙂 (also, too lazy to pretend otherwise 😂)

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            1. Aisa Kaunsa Khatarnaak college hai ye?
              Oh, I’ve read Freakonimics. As well as Superfreakonomics. (I have a home library too. More like a full room rather than a cupboard. Apparently showing off isn’t beneath me right now.)
              I work in Delhi.
              Hahaha yes, Capricorn it is!

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              1. Lolz I thought so! We have the same traits. Well you can show off. I do that from time to time. I lived in Delhi for 3 years. Had office in sector 1 Noida and often had to go to Nirman Bhavan ministry of health and family welfare while I worked.
                My college is BIMM Pune. You can google it.

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