Are We Home Yet?

And when the day’s over

What is it that you most wish for?

A quiet moment of solitude


A companionship of fortitude

Or do you seek solace

In the numbness of a bottle

Coupled with all that’s crude

Or is it that you are

Too much of a prude?

I don’t meant to pry or be rude

But won’t you tell me

What is it that you wish for?

What is it that you want to go back home to?

Or better still

What do you consider home?

A place

A person

A brick and mortar establishment

Or a more grounded social construct

Or are you

Like most others

Wandering through life

With a perpetual feeling

Of homesickness

Looking for somewhere to belong?

Tell me,

Won’t you?

I’d love to know.

I could help you find answers

And therein find you

And then maybe

I’ll find what I seek too

For I’m sure I’ll find me nesting wherever there’s you.

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