Mild Monday Midnight

‘Twas a mellow Monday night

With only a soft breeze

and silence

to keep her company

She was reading

in the light of a soft lamp

half alert

half lost in the world of a long forgotten memory

the hours passed by in a daze

When all of a sudden

she kept the book aside

dimmed the lamp further

passed a deceptively mild smile

and broke into

the most haunting lullaby.

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Hey guys!

How’s your Monday coming along? I’ve had a rather hectic day and to make matters worse, I started working out again today. Although, I think the mug of mango shake before bed more than made up for it. I guess my body didn’t get the memo – you exercise to compensate for food, not the other way round! Anywho, if you like staying fit, both in mind and in body, but do not work out quite rigourously in the gym (since I’m a lazy bum), would you mind sharing your regimen in the comments section down below? I’d love to experiment! If you like, I can come up with a post on my wellness routine. I call it wellness because for me its more than just mind or body, its mind AND body. Mental and physical health are very important to me in a holistic way. What are your thoughts on it? I’d be happy to hear. Also, of course, please be so kind as to share your views on my poem. 🙂

As always,

Thank you for reading!




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