Cry Me a River

One fine day

I thought of the ocean

And it’s myriad waves

Gently rollicking

Sometimes frolicking

They had no cry nor care

A timeless rhythm

In a thankless chasm

Bound to tread for eternity

From one end to the other

And then back again

Like a tender version of Sisyphus

Not a punishment, no

Nor a boon either

I wonder what caused

Their predicament

Were they a beloved daughter

Who did not toe the line

Or were they a lover

Who fell for another

Yet neither could be sent to hell

While I still wonder

At whom the waves spread asunder

Why don’t you go ahead, love

And cry me a river?


4 thoughts on “Cry Me a River

  1. Using the ocean and waves as metaphors for innermost feelings was lovely and your finale was powerful. “How many rivers of tears must we cry. before all the deepest wells run dry”

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