An Act of Kindness

In the vast expanse

Of the night sky

I see a tiny star

Twinkling down

One in a million

Or more

And yet

It seems focused on just me

Trying it’s best

To uplift the dark

And send a sliver of light

To keep back the demons

And rekindle warmth

To fight back the sorrows

And recall happiness

If an unknown stranger

Can do so much

To make me smile

I think I owe it

To the world

To make it worthwhile.

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18 thoughts on “An Act of Kindness

  1. Argh… so I was wondering what had happened to you since you “hadn’t posted in so long and low and behold you’ve been posting all month but it’s not showing up in my reader! gggrrr
    Pardon me while I catch up….

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