The Truth About Fairy Tales

A long, long time ago

I was told a fairy tale

Of a knight with a sword

And a lady in lace

It had something do

With a witch banished in disgrace

It was a plot forged in revenge

And yet a lesson it taught

Of how vengeance is futile

And true love triumphs above all

There were dungeons and dragons

And towers encasing rickety steps

There were woods and forests

With singing birds

And talking beasts

There was a palace too

Prone to throwing balls

And many a royal feasts

But something was deeply lacking

Which no ‘moral’ could ever redeem

Comedy, tragedy, romance and felicity

It had it all in equal measure

I just wonder whatever happened to reality.


18 thoughts on “The Truth About Fairy Tales

  1. The problem is reality bites. Fantasy allows us to escape reality. Fairy Tales are that start. We grow up but this desire to escape stays. Fairy tale become Harry Potter and Harry Potter becomes Harry Dresden. Thank the powers for it cause I think it helps keep us sane. Great Poem.

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    1. They do. They’re a great escape from reality but they also end up giving children unrealistic expectations and only gear them up to face countless disappointments later in life. But of course, their happy endings always brings a smile to the face. πŸ™‚

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