It is in the nature of men

To covet the unrequited

And to discard an easy gain

Life itself reads like a game

A little sorrow

A whole lot of pain

Yet human spirit perseveres

After what it most desires

Little realising

That the best things

Come as rewards for our endurance

Picked up along the way

And we belittle them

Thinking of god-sends as an easy lay.


13 thoughts on “Irony

  1. A very poignant verse Varnika. and I liked these too lines.
    “That the best things
    Come as rewards for our endurance”
    And btw, where you wrote “all men” , I think you could delete “all” and just leave in “men” , as it’s a collective noun, and probably adds more punch to your line.

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    1. I hesitate to chime in, but humbly disagree with substituting “men” for “all men”, as this adds a gender specific connotation (unless that is what you are saying, which very well could be, given the final line). But if you intend all mankind, then
      “Man” with a capital ‘M’ would do. In my opinion, you write of the human condition and the poem speaks to us, regardless of gender.

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      1. I agree, I shall readily insert your suggestion. I intended to imply all of mankind and not single out a gender. Thank you for chipping in. I’d be very glad if you didn’t have to hestitate the next time you feel like venturing an opinion here. Thanks again 🙂

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        1. Thank you for the invitation. I tend to remain silent and try first to appreciate poems as written, but sometimes I see things, and this time I was not the first on the chain, so, less risk.

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